The Circus Season 7: Release date, trailer and where to watch it


Keep the excitement under control as The Circus is back on the screens. The Circus is one ground-breaking docuseries which has been bringing the American politics to light since 2016. Hosts John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon, Alex Wagner and Jenn Palmieri go around pulling all the right strings to bring all the right facts in front of everyone as raw as they can. Starting from 2016 Presidential elections to present day Biden administration, The Circus has ran for six seasons and the first episode of The Circus Season 7 is already on air.

So if you don’t want to miss out on more, here’s all you want to know about the controversial docuseries, The Circus Season 7:

The Circus Season 7 Release Date

The Circus Season 7 had started airing on March 6, 2022.

The Circus Season 7
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The Circus Season 7: Where to watch it?

The docuseries is available on Showtime at 8pm ET/PT. The series will air on a weekly format, with Episode 2 and 3 all set to air on March 13 and March 20, respectively, and then will take a break of three or four months in the middle of the year. It is available both on cable and for streaming. On cable, you can catch it on Hulu and FuboTV. If what you’re looking for is streaming, it is available on Showtime app and its add-ons available on Amazon and Hulu. 

The Circus Season 7
Credits: Twitter

The Circus Season 7 Trailer

The trailer for The Circus Season 7 was up back in January. The trailer gave a quick peek of what all is going to be in the new season including snippets from interviews, speeches, rallies and protests. The show never hides itself from the complex political dynamics of the country and that’s what it is doing till date. The trailer features eminent personalities like Dan Crenshaw, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from both the ruling and opposing side of the government structure to give an unbiased take on the situations.

Together Again in 2022 | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

The Circus Season 7 Plot

The series works very much in present and as per that, the first episode highlighted the whole Ukraine and Russia crisis with Alex Wagner. John Heilemann reports from Poland with U.S. Ambassador Mark Brzezinski whereas Mark McKinnon will try to simplify the Capitol Hill tension for the viewers. President Biden’s first State of the Union address was covered by Jennifer Palmieri who was at the White House with Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary.

The world situation can never be predicted well in advance so to know what will happen in the further episodes, keep sticking with the docuseries and know what exactly is happening both in the show as well as the American political grounds.