7 Signs your relationship is going downhill

signs your relationship is going downhill
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No matter how perfect a relationship looks, it won’t take long for life to throw curveballs at you. What looks like a dream, in the beginning, might become a nightmare at the snap of a finger.

While trust and adjustments are building blocks of any relationship when it comes to the one with your significant other, it needs a little more involvement and effort. But our hectic lives and complex personalities often shift our focus and might give life a chance to land us in a rocky relationship.

The most important thing a person needs from their partner is stability and if that’s missing it’s time to quit. 

Here are a few signs of a relationship going downhill that you should look out for if you’re feeling a little extra lonely these days. We have some solutions too, wishing everything settles for you sooner than expected. 

Busy days


Do you find your partner spending too much time with their laptops and colleagues and hardly a few wholesome minutes with you? Get the hint. Yes, not denying the fact that the financial environment is screwed and as much as the business wants manpower, your man/woman also needs some extra cash. But at the cost of your relationship? Never. You are not someone who exists just to give and give so your person can unwind after a busy day. 

Before you blow upon them out of frustration, understand their working environment and whether the expectations from their job have increased. Request them to end work at work hours. State the facts that you also deserve some time on their lap. Schedule days and time slots for each other, even if it’s just the weekend. 

No intimacy

Intimacy not only means spending hours in bed together but also a peck on your cheek as they leave for work every morning. After a time in any relationship, intimacy becomes a need more than a want. If your partner is unwilling to even cuddle you to sleep, why haven’t you started to question their behavior yet? You both need to patiently understand the problem here and find a middle ground. 

Insecurity kicking in 3,2,1


Is BAE texting a lot even after work hours or stays online a lot these days or is suddenly extremely active on social media? Did the following/followers go up by 1? No, we do not encourage stalking but if you feel the need to stalk, it’s time to have a long chat with your partner before jealousy gets the worst of you.

No clarity over life decisions

Yes, they bought a new wristwatch for them without asking about your recommendations. They also got a new hard disk. It’s cool. Let normal things remain normal. You probably don’t have a say on their favorite colors and patterns. But did they just cancel dinner plans with you or switch jobs without discussing or giving you an explanation? Open your eyes and ears. Moreover, talk to them. Ask them questions, not aggressively though. Tell them it’s important to involve you in big decisions because you are a part of their life, especially in the long run. 



Ladies, we hear you! Every time you all fight, it’s not because of your menstrual cycle. But sometimes the issues deserve to be picked a bone with. And it’s the same with men. It’s not always the bad mood or constant nagging of your boss that annoys you, which in turn leads to fights. But if you’re fighting over things that you were once unbothered about or petty issues that do not hold much significance in the next 3 months or 3 years of your life, take a step back. Try again later, maybe when you both are in not just a good mood but also in a mood to listen, understand and work on each other. 

Lack of emotional support 

Relationships are not just for fancy brunch dates or #CoupleGoals on social media. Relationships are to have someone constant to always be there for you. And if your BAE is constantly being a bad listener, and no longer asks you how your day was, get the hint. See those hugs becoming shorter and looser? That’s the biggest sign you can ever get. If they are emotionally unavailable, what’s the point of even staying together? However, don’t forget to give them a second chance. Who knows, they might be in a bigger need of your emotional support. Be each other’s pillar of strength. 

Thinking of a ‘change’

Signs your relationship is going downhill

Are second thoughts hovering in your mind? Did you get the slightest thought or hunch that maybe life would be a little more sorted without their drama? Are you seriously considering a break? Then guess it’s time for a permanent one. There’s nothing like “Let’s take a break”. You either stay completely invested in your relationship or break up. The moment you or your partner gets such thoughts, even when they’re too intoxicated to think straight, it’s time. Wait until they get sober but it shouldn’t take too long for you to pack your bags. 

It is important to know and appreciate that every relationship is unique, that’s what makes relationships beautiful. But if they’re getting too much on your head, talk it out. Good communication can sort every problem, even the ones that did not exist in the first place. Understand your needs and love yourself before you pounce on their behavior. Take some time off and reflect on your decisions. If you feel you’re exhausted, mentally and emotionally, don’t shy away from walking away.