6 Signs you are dating a narcissist

Signs you are dating a narcissist
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The term narcissist brings out the image of a self-absorbed and self-centered person to our minds. But the narcissist personality disorder has a lot more than that, and because of the preconceptions it usually becomes really tough for anyone to spot a narcissist especially when it is someone who is close and important to you.

If you are dating a narcissist your relationship may turn toxic in the long run causing you some emotional damage. So, it is just wise to look at these signs and know if you are dating a narcissist.

1. They usually take control of every conversation

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Is your partner not letting you have your own stance or opinion and are always trying to take control of every conversation and everything? If the answer is yes, then this is your cue of dating a narcissist. If this happens only once or twice it’s not an issue but if it happens quite regularly you should not ignore it. 

2. They lack empathy and are cold

Is your partner lacking the skill of making you feel seen or noticeable, are they always trying to be the center of everything even if it means they are hurting people in the process? then you are surely with a narcissist. They may be aware of what others are feeling but struggle in giving words to those emotions. So, if your partner doesn’t care about you having a bad day or a bad mood and are just self-absorbed you should take it as a sign of their narcissism.

3. They have a superiority complex

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Having a superiority complex and always feeling that they are above everyone else is also a trait of a narcissist. They can’t just bear anyone talking about something that isn’t about them and have a constant need of being the center of attention as well as feeling superior.

4. They manipulate and always put you down

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Making you feel guilty for doing anything for your own self is something narcissists love to do. For them, everything is and should only be about them and if you have the audacity to do something for your own self even once, they are going to make you feel so bad about it and even try to put you down. All that matters to them is their self-esteem and therefore they don’t shy in putting anyone down for it, not even the people who are close to them.

5. They try to isolate you

“Don’t go with them”, “they are not good for you”, are some of the most common phrases used by a narcissist. You would see them constantly having the urge to separate you from all other people in your life and give all your attention to them.

6. They don’t like to answer and never apologize

Have you ever heard the statement, “I am always right”? Well it is made only by the narcissists out there. Narcissists are never ready to listen to any viewpoint other than their own. They never compromise and would never take responsibility for their actions and hence never apologize. So, if this is the case with your partner know you are dating a narcissist.