6 Signs it’s time to move on from your relationship

Signs to move on from a relationship
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Are you also struggling with your relationship and are not able to find out if it’s time to let go of the relationship? Well, a lot of us are stuck in a relationship that feels like it is already over but we don’t have the courage of taking the leap. Here, are some signs that should show you that it is time to step out of your relationship.

1. When the relationship is no longer your happy place

Do you see yourself crying more often than ever? Well, the relationship is no longer your happy place and the reason to make you smile. You shouldn’t be with such a person and know it’s time to step out of the relationship when it’s not making you happy in any way.

2. You feel lonely a lot of times

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If you are feeling lonely in a relationship what is the use of this kind of relationship? This doesn’t mean that you have to be with the person 24*7 but what it means is that you people are sharing a healthy life together and are not going through the different phases of your life alone. But if that is not the case and you don’t really share things with each other as you are not comfortable doing so, it is time to get out of that relationship.

3. When you start living more in the past than the present

Is your relationship becoming a reason for your frustration and unhappiness lately? Do you find it, all that you do to make yourself happy is living in your past moments, well then it’s your cue to get out of that relationship. Your relationship with the person should bring you happiness in the present and not just by remembering past moments. This is the kind of relationship where you are living in a facade of happiness. 

4. When you are being emotionally/verbally and even physically hurt

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We usually find ways to ignore our feeling of being hurt by the person we love and choose to stay with them no matter what. But if the other person is hurting you in some way or the other the relationship is definitely a no-no for you. You should take it as a hint and get out of this toxic relationship soon.

5. When you see it’s only you who is putting in the effort

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A relationship where only one person is putting in all \the effort whereas the other one is not even bothered about doing something for the relationship is not at all a healthy relationship. 

6. When you both want different things in life

You both may love each other but for today’s generation love is not the only thing that can make you people stay together for long. If you and your partner want different things in life and are doing different things for the same you people may end up parting ways. So, if you see that you both want different things in life and are doing no good to each other in achieving them it’s better you people part ways soon.