Here’s how to walk out of a long-term relationship

How to end a long term relationship
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Have you also been struggling with your relationship for a long time and have now finally decided to end it? Well, you are at the right place as we understand how hard it is to part ways with someone you have been with for a long now. And no, you don’t need to play the blame game while walking out of it because there are other ways, and the better ones, that will come to your rescue.

Here, we would be sharing some tips on how to finally leave a long-term relationship when you have decided to do so.

1. Prepare yourself

If you have been with someone for a long you two definitely share something great and it, therefore, becomes really tough for you to break that bond up. So, once you are certain about breaking up with them and don’t want to step back in any situation, you need to prepare your  self for that. You may experience distress, anxiety, and sadness but you should just prepare yourself mentally for all this and try to handle it in a healthy way.

2. Be clear about your message

How to end a long term relationship

Your announcement of the breakup may come up as a shock to your partner, they may not be able to take it at that moment and may try to lengthen the argument to find loopholes. So, what you need to take care of while breaking such a bond is that you should be extremely clear about what you are saying to your partner, you should make sure that he/she understands what you want to say even if the breakup isn’t a mutual one.

3. Be honest

Staying honest is also the key to your breakup. No matter what happens you should never lie while breaking up, don’t hamper with the reasons for your breakup no matter how much it would hurt them.

4. Be compassionate but firm

How to end a long term relationship

While breaking up with a long-term partner you try to take their feelings into account and not hurt them but what you need to take care of is that you should not step back from the decision you have already made. You should not soften up seeing the puppy face of your partner and stay firm on your decision of breaking up with them.

5. Stay calm and give them time

If you guys have not had any discussions about the breakup before actually breaking up, the decision must have been a hard one for both of you and a shock for the one on the receiving end. You don’t know how would they handle the situation and therefore what you need to do is stay calm on however they respond and let them have their time to process everything.

6. Cut all contact for a while

How to end a long term relationship

Cutting off all contact for some while has been quite effective in maintaining a breakup. This practice is something you can surely rely on if you are keen on sticking to the decision of your breakup. Staying in contact with the person you have just broken up with can reignite feelings and can make you reverse your decision even when the decision of staying apart was good for both of you.