Sweet Home Season 2: Is it in the works?

Sweet Home Season 2
Credits: NETFLIX

K-drama lovers have recently seemed to enjoy horror dramas involving monsters and zombie-like creatures – Happiness, All of Us are Dead, and Kingdom to name a few. Left on a cliffhanger or not, everyone demands a Season 2 for such shows. There are multiple reasons behind that including top-notch acting, keeping the right amount of emotional quotient to gain sympathy for the characters, and beautiful CGIs.

One such in-demand sequel is the Song Kang starring Sweet Home Season 2. The first installment of the show was released in December 2020. It ended up gaining a massive fan base. The series is produced by Studio Dragon, some of their work include My Holo Love, Love Alarm, Arthdal Chronicles, and Crash Landing on You

Sweet Home is adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name by Yongchan Hwang. The story follows a troubled high schooler who experiences terrifying events as humans come close to an end and monsters are taking over the world.

Sweet Home Season 2
Credits: Studio Dragon

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

The show was well-received by both audiences and critics. Hence, it’s quite surprising that it’s been 15 months since Season 1 premiered but there is no official renewal announcement for Sweet Home Season 2, especially given that we were left on a huge cliffhanger.

Fans still have their hopes up, as the public has got caught of a few pieces of evidence that might hint at Sweet Home Season 2 production has begun. On March 8, 2022, Song Kang’s manager shared a few pictures on his Instagram story that make fans believe that Season 2 is happening. 

On July 9, 2021, Soompi had also reported that a few industry officials had stated that the shooting for Sweet Home Season 2 was in progress. Netflix was quick to respond back then saying, “Nothing has been decided yet regarding the production of [Sweet Home] Season 2.”

Sweet Home has performed exceptionally well across the globe. It has reached the top 10 in the US and even Number 1 in  South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

What can we expect in Sweet Home Season 2?

There is a lot to uncover in Sweet Home Season 2.

Season 1 ended with Yi Kyung making sure the surviving Green Home residents are being transported to the safe camp, but rather than going with them she drove off on her own quest. Probably still looking for what happened to her fiance and hunting down Cha Hyun Soo.

Sang Wook is seen driving a military van, and Cha Hyun Soo is sitting unconscious in the van. Sang Wook calls out to him very calmly and we see Cha waking up, and the two drive off, through a tunnel. 

We are also left with the question that whether or not Eun Hyuk is dead or ends up surviving as a monster?

Sweet Home Season 2
Credits: Studio Dragon

Sweet Home Season 2 Expected Cast

From what we can conclude from Song Kang’s manager’s Instagram story and his character waking up at the end of Season 1, Song Kang is most likely to reprise his role as Cha Hyun Soo. Similarly, Lee Jin Wook is also expected to play Sang Wook in Sweet Home Season 2 as well.

We are still unsure of the fate of Eun Hyuk. Somehow if Eun does end up surviving we do see Lee Do Hyun returning to the role. 

Lee Si Young’s character, Yi Kyung still seems to be in search of something so we do see her return in the second installment of the show.

Sweet Home Season 2
Credits: Studio Dragon

Not many residents made it out of Green Home alive, but the bare minimum that did, we do expect to see them which includes Go Min Si as Eun Yoo, Park Gyu Young as Yoon Ji Soo, Woo Jung Kook as Kang Seung Wan, and Kim Gok Hee as Son Hye In.

Since the residents are being transferred to a safe camp we might also be introduced to new characters and a new setting.

Overall, we do see a possibility of Sweet Home Season 2 in the near future and expect an official announcement soon. Stay tuned for more updates.