Weekend Family: Release date, trailer, plot and more updates

weekend family
Credits: Disney

“So you’re gonna meet the three mothers of your boyfriend’s three kids and you’re not literally freaking out right now?” Sounds complicated? Yes, it is. Three daughters of a man, from three different mothers and a girlfriend who is expecting his fourth child, one can clearly imagine the chaos. 

Weekend Family is a French family comedy series which will be dubbed in English in order to cater to the American viewers. It is produced by Dorothée Woillez, Sandra Ouaiss, and Nathalie Majdar for Disney+. The series will have 8 episodes in total and is directed by Pierre-François Martin-Lava and Sophie Reine. Lava has earlier worked on titles like Fahim and Gaston Lagaffe and Reine is known for her works like Cigarettes et Chocolat Chaud.

Here’s all that is there to know about the Weekend Family

Weekend Family

Weekend Family Release Date

The series will be available for streaming on Disney+ in the United States from March 9, 2022.

Weekend Family Trailer

The trailer highlights the goofy, whacky, messy yet adorable relationship between Fred and his daughters. No matter how much they have the potential to get under his skins, he tends to calm himself down and solves it all as an adult. He has to juggle his family life with his new love life with Emma who wishes to become a good step mother for the kids; however, they already seem to have a gap between them due to a baby pig. With the trailer that has recently surfaced, one can always determine the challenges faced by each one of them in the upcoming project.

Weekend Family | Official Trailer | Disney+

Weekend Family Plot

Fred has a super loving girlfriend Emmanuelle or Emma, who has studied child psychology and is on her path to get a Ph.D. The duo gets to know that they are expecting a baby and Fred’s joy knows no bounds. Everything sounds nice and perfect. However, there is a twist.

Fred already has three young daughters and makings things more complicated, from three different mothers, which can be identified with their completely distinct behaviors . From  Laurence, he has Clara; from Marie-Ange, he has Victoire; and from Helena, he has Romy. The daughters are young, fifteen, twelve and nine respectively and come to stay with their dad on weekends. 

Now, Emma, with zero one on one experience with kids, has to learn to be a step-mom, but not the Cinderella kind. And equal involvements of Fred’s exes and his best friend just adds to the drama. 

Weekend Family Cast

  • Fred- Played by: Éric Judor, Dubbed by: Evan Arnold
  • Emmanuelle ‘Emma’- Played by: Daphnée Côté Hallé, Dubbed by: Jessie Hendricks
  • Clara- Played by: Liona Bordonaro, Dubbed by: Victoria Washington
  • Romy- Played by: Roxane Barrazuol, Dubbed by: Lila Karp-Ziring
  • Victoire- Played by: Midie Dreyfus, Dubbed by: Lily Sanfelippo
  • Marie-Agne- Played by: Jeanne Bournaud, Dubbed by: Liza Seneca
  • Helena- Played by: Annabel Lopez, Dubbed by: Presciliana Esparolini
  • Laurence- Played by:Annelise Hesme, Dubbed by: Robyn Cohen
  • Stan- Played by: Hafid F. Benamar, Dubbed by: Matt Flynn
  • Cora- Played by: Séphora Pondi, Dubbed by: Aurelia Michael