Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Behind Her Eyes Season
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Waiting eagerly for Behind Her Eyes Season 2? You might have to face a little disappointment as we don’t have good news for a new season.

Before diving into details, if you haven’t watched the series yet, Behind Her Eyes is an English supernatural psychological series based on the 2017 best-selling novel of the same name by Sara Pinbrough. The first season of the show was released on February 17, 2021, and had a total of 6 episodes. The show peaked at number 2 on Netflix in the United States. 

The series is produced by the same production house responsible for The Crown, Left Bank. The series is directed by Erik Richter Strand and written by Steve Lightfoot and Angela LaManna.

While season 1 of the show ended for over a year, fans are still wondering when are they getting the next season, given the ending of the show was not quite what everyone had expected. 

Behind Her Eyes season 2
Credits: Netflix

Here is everything we know so far about Behind Her Eyes Season 2.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Release Date

Behind Her Eyes is a limited series on Netflix, meaning it was never supposed to have more than one season. But, given the popularity of the show, there’s no bad side to expanding its horizon.

As of now, Netflix has made no official announcement regarding the renewal or cancelation of the show. However, it will be safe to assume the we might not see another season at all.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2
Credits: Netflix

What can we expect in Behind Her Eyes Season 2?

Behind Her Eyes has completed the narrative of the novel it is based on. Hence, it is a little difficult to say what can we see happening in Season 2 if at all it happens.

Who can we expect to see in Behind Her Eyes Season 2?

Assuming that Behind Her Eyes Season 2 will start off from where it left (again if at all it happens, which is very unlikely), most primary cast should be returning. But, given the plot of one person living in someone else’s consciousness and another person’s physical body dying but conscious being alive, it is a little difficult to confirm who exactly we will see or hear.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2
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We can expect Simona Brown to return as Louise, who is now controlled by Rob as of the Season 1 finale.  

Two actors who for sure should return are Tom Bateman as David (Adele’s ex-husband and Louise’s current husband), and Tyler Howitt as Louise’s son Adam. 

The confusing plot calls for a series filled with plot twists, which we witnessed in Behind Her Eyes Season 1. We can expect the possible Season 2 to get crazier with multiple people having supernatural powers. 

Behind Her Eyes Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Behind Her Eyes Season 1 Recap

The show begins with a drunken kiss between single mother Louise and a man who later turns out to be her new boss, David. Louise befriends David’s wife, Adele and things become even more complicated when Louise and David begin an affair.

In the season finale, Louise discovers that “Adele” is actually Adele’s friend Rob, who can project his consciousness into Adele’s body. Louise ends up gaining this ability herself. This ends up changing the whole course of the story.

Behind Her Eyes | Official Trailer | Netflix


When Louise realizes this, Rob transfers his consciousness to her body, while Louise transfers her consciousness to Adele’s. Louise-in-Adele’s body is killed by Rob-in-Louise’s body, and Rob then takes over Louise’s life, marrying David and raising Adam. Although David is clueless that Louise is actually Rob, by the end of the season, Adam begins to believe something is wrong with his mother. 

Stay tuned to hear more on Behind Her Eyes Season 2 if at all there are more updates.