How to love someone who lacks self-love

how to love someone who lacks self love
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“Love yourself or no one else will be able to love you”, is one of the wisest sayings of all time. It becomes really hard when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t love themselves. Their self-doubt, self-destructive powers, and many more things start to seep inside you and spoil your soul as well.

Therefore, loving such a person is a path full of hurdles, and you often tend to give up in the end even if you love the person with all your heart. So, to save you from the trauma, here are some tips that could help you in loving someone who doesn’t love themselves.

1. Learn to accept

You will need to make peace with and accept a lot of things you may not usually be okay with when you fall in love with a person who doesn’t love themselves. Accepting their flaws, insecurities, and their constant need for reassurance becomes really important. 

2. Be a mirror

how to love someone who lacks self love

This person who doesn’t love their own self may always be doubting their worth and you may sometimes need to get them out of that zone. As their partner, you might sometimes have to be the mirror of their positive, good, and lovable self.

3. Be their personal cheerleader

how to love someone who lacks self love

Your partner who is struggling with loving themselves may have the constant need of feeling worthy. You can become their own personal cheerleader and appreciate them every now and then which would eventually help them in boosting their confidence.

4. Don’t fake

Being with someone with a sense of low self-esteem doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your own needs and wants from the relationship. You need to be vocal about your own feelings and thoughts and not have to fake anything. 

5. Talk about the way you came to love yourself

how to love someone who lacks self love

Talking about the journey of how you fell in love with yourself and the way you adore yourself can really help your partner realize how important and good it is to love our own self. The person who is going through self-loathing may feel a lot better when they hear about how you came to love yourself. All this could help your partner in falling in love with their own self.

6. Consider therapy

Not being able to love oneself, constantly doubting your worth, etc can be some really self-destructive thoughts and you may help your partner by suggesting and taking them to therapy for the same. You may also need to accompany your partner to the therapy to help them become comfortable and familiar with the environment there. Being with such a partner may even be tough and hard for you so don’t hesitate in going to therapy for your own self as well.

7. Be patient

how to love someone who lacks self love

Staying patient is also the key when you are coping in loving someone who is still struggling to love themselves. You may be helping them in every stage of life but everything needs time and their journey towards loving themselves would also need time. So, just don’t lose your calm while you are with your partner.