Vortex: Release date, trailer, plot and everything else we know so far

Credits: Utopia

Old age is not a very nice timeline of one’s life. No matter how much people try to romanticize it, it is an age when people have to struggle to keep themselves together. Things become much more difficult when health issues show up and even more when the issue is something like dementia.

Dementia is just not memory loss, it’s far more than that. A person gradually loses their ability to function properly and make out a difference between reality and imagination. Sadly film industry hasn’t been able to portray that pain as it needs to be, like in The Notebook, Allie gets dementia and she forgets her life with her husband, Noah. However, a trip down memory lane brings the couple back.

Wish it would have been that easy in real life. But in reality, it’s bad. It hurts the person suffering from it and the people around them. And that pain and suffering have been impeccably penned down by Gaspar Noé in his film, Vortex. 

Vortex is a French drama that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival of 2021 and then Utopia brought the film’s US distribution rights. Utopia is now set to release it on big screens and here’s everything to know about the upcoming drama, Vortex.

Credits: Gasper Noe

Vortex Release Date

Vortex is all set to release in New York theaters on April 29, 2022, followed by Los Angeles ones on May 6, 2022. 

Vortex Trailer

The trailer shows Elle who suffers from dementia and Lui, her husband, who is unable to give her that physical or emotional support due to his own health conditions. Then there is their son who himself is not much of a help.

The story is set in Paris, the city of young people in love. One can call this story irony in respect to the place. Where the city is related to travel and fresh air and young couples and love and whatnot, the story is limited to a claustrophobic apartment, overflowing with books and little space to move, with an elderly couple fighting with dementia just existing there.

The trailer, even though shows only three people and minimum conversation, is able to portray the chaos, maybe it is the background song or the lighting it just gives out an uncomfortable vibe. The inner conflicts of each of the three characters are pretty much evident, without even needing a lot of words. 

Vortex by Gaspar Noé | Official Trailer | Utopia

Vortex Plot

Vortex follows Lui and Elle, an elderly French couple where Elle suffers from dementia. Lui, recovering from a heart attack isn’t able to provide her with as much care as she needs, and neither their son is. For how the story pans out, one needs to give it a watch.

Vortex: Cast

  • Dario Argento as Lui (Father)
  • Françoise Lebrun as Elle (Mother)
  • Alex Lutz as Stéphane (Son)
  • Jean-Pierre Bouyxou as Ami soirée
  • Kylian Dheret as Kiki
  • Kamel Benchemekh as L’épicier
  • Corinne Bruand as Claire