8 Lies you should never tell in a relationship

lies you should never tell (1)
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If you have just started dating and are getting carried away with all those feelings, there are a lot of chances that you will end up lying to your partner in order to please them. You might not be having wrong or bad intentions but those lies can really be quite hurtful to your relationship.

What you may think are small lies can do major harm to your relationship. Here are some things you should never lie about when in a relationship.

1. I don’t want anything serious

lies you should never tell

Why don’t you let your real feelings out, and are acting like you don’t care about things and don’t take them seriously? This will only confuse the path your relationship is taking and make it vulnerable. You should never be ashamed of wanting something serious or getting committed in a relationship.

2. I don’t talk to my ex


It’s not a crime to stay friends with your ex, so why lie about you not talking to your ex. You might be scared of how would your partner react to this but admitting that you are still in contact with your ex can be a sign of maturity in your relationship. This can really protect you from awkward situations arising later that may put your relationship at stake.

3. I get tested regularly

If you and your partner are sexually involved, something you should never lie about is your sexual health. This is something that can really affect your partner. You should take care of not lying about you having any STIs or STDs and you getting tested about the same.

4. You are the only one for me

lies you should never tell (1)

Why fake it by showing your partner that you don’t even look at other people and that they are the only one who matters to you. Your relationship may not be exclusive so why are you trying to fake it by showing your exclusivity. Be honest about checking out other people, if at all you do.

5. It doesn’t matter and I don’t care

Some think it’s really cool to not care, but why? Can you give me one good reason for pretending that you don’t care? Well, there is none. So, why pretend that you don’t care about anything and that nothing affects you when in reality you are being affected by all things a lot. 

6. I promise I’ll quit this

Promising your partner that you would quit some habit of yours that they don’t like even when you know it would be quite tough for you is completely wrong. This is a lie that can give fake hope to your partner.

7. I am okay

lies you should never tell


Not being okay with something is completely alright and normal. Therefore, what you should take care of is not lying to your partner about the same. If something is not okay with you or something is bothering you, you should be vocal about it and not lie about you being okay when you are not okay.

8. I love you

This is one of the biggest and most hurtful lies you can ever tell anyone. You should restrain yourself from saying I love you to anyone when you actually don’t mean it. This lie can really shatter a person in ways you cannot even think about.