Acapulco Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Acapulco season 2

Coming of age has never been an easy process, the sudden responsibilities shouldered on us can be overwhelming but we need to know that it is okay to feel that way and slide our way through it, because isn’t that what being young is, confusing yet peaceful? If this wasn’t enough, there are several situations that life throws at you that leave you even more confused.

What would you do if you scored your dream job? Do we all not want to give our family the most comfortable life possible? Can you calculate who you fall for? Amid all this, you might try and find ways to put the blame on life. And when we talk about blame, ‘Echame La Culpa’ is a famous Spanish phrase that stands for ‘Put the blame on me’. Well, it is time to put the blame on Acapulco, as this bilingual coming-of-age comedy has announced its second season. 

Here is everything we know so far about Acapulco Season 2:

Acapulco Season 2

Acapulco Season 2 Release date

While no official release date of the series has been announced, and it’s too early ask for one given the fact that the shooting is supposed to start by spring this year, as reported by Deadline. That said, it is anticipated to be out somewhere in 2023 given everything goes fine. 

Where to watch Acapulco Season 2?

Acapulco Season 1 streamed on Apple TV+ and the second season has also been renewed to premiere on the same.

Acapulco Season 2

Is Acapulco Season 2 available on Netflix?

It is highly unlikely that Acapulco will be ever available on Netflix or any other streaming platform since it’s an Apple TV+ original.

How many episodes will be there in Acapulco Season 2?

Acapulco Season 2 is anticipated to have 10 episodes, just like Season 1, each 45 to 50 minutes in length. 

Acapulco Season 2 Cast

  • Enrique Arrizon is our cute young Maximo
  • Fernando as his close friend Memo
  • Camila Perez as his love interest-Julia
  • Damian as Pablo
  • Eugenio as older Maximo or the narrator of the story
Acapulco Season 2

They are the core characters amongst many supporting actors, while there can be additions to the list, there is nothing definite yet.

Acapulco Season 2 Plot

There is no official trailer or snippets to tell us what Season 2 will behold. Even though it will take off from where the last season ended, the main story would remain the same – our protagonist coming to terms with the fact that everything that glitters is not gold.

Acapulco Season 1 Recap

Acapulco season 2 plot

Season 1 had 10 episodes where it spoke about the journey of Maximo, who with the help of a man named Pablo, gets into the dream resort as a pool-side worker. The set is pleasing to the eyes and so colorful that it is a sight to behold. While Maximo works there he falls in love with the girl from the front office department who turns out to be the owner’s son’s girlfriend.

Can Maximo go against his principles to sleep with a woman he likes? The commentary is by the older Maximo who is looking at his younger self and making fun of himself at times, and appreciating his struggles in another few. As the story escalates we need to watch and find out if he saves enough to get his mother’s cataract surgery done, amongst making new meaningful friends and also facing a few betrayals. Giving more information would take away all the fun and fill you with spoilers.

IMDB ratings and reviews of Season 1

The public liked the show for the concept it portrays, with the emergence of highly violent OTT shows, this dealt with a more heartwarming genre, adulthood. It showed us various shades of it and also how certain situations lead a child to grow up. With a decent score of 7.5/10, it has a good Tomatometer score to substantiate its credibility.

In case you have not watched this commentary on life, how difficult it is to grow up and learn to be responsible, check out the Season 1 trailer here:

Acapulco — Official Trailer | Apple TV+