7 Tips on how to fall out of love

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Falling in love is one of the easiest things that can happen while falling out can become the toughest of the things that exists. While falling out of love might sound absurd to you, it is as important as falling in love, if not more. Why, you ask? It is because sometimes this becomes your only option when your relationship is going downhill, or you caught your partner cheating on you, or even if your relationship is getting toxic and you can do nothing but let go of the person you love.

The situations can be many but the solution is only one – to fall out of love. Here are some tips that can help you fall out of love with someone:

1. Write your feelings down


Writing what you feel down can really help you figure out what is happening in your life and how you want things to work out for you. Not only what you feel, but you can also write some letters to the person you love and send them to anyone, this can really help in getting out all that you feel inside. It can also help you in understanding the logical side of the whole situation.

2. Practice mindfulness

Do you know how hard it is to fall out of love with someone you never dated? How hard it is to stop wanting something you never had? Well, it is one of the toughest tasks you can ever take up and it requires you to be mentally very strong. Practicing mindfulness is something that can really help you a lot in this situation.

3. Look past them

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The statement easier said than done is surely made for situations like these. As it is quite easy to say that we should not be stuck on one person, that we should try and look past them but really hard to follow our own advice. But this is something we should really try and do, we should give our 100% in diverting our mind from that one person and looking past them if we want to let them go.

4. Cut off all contacts

Falling out of love with someone becomes really tough when you see them or talk to them on a regular basis therefore, it is always advisable to cut off all contact with the person you no longer want to love. Cutting of these contacts for a while is quite necessary, you should not talk to that person until you are sure about the fact that you have no feelings for them now. 

5. Focus on new hobbies

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Trying to forget somebody becomes really tough when you have nothing constructive or productive to do. It becomes a hell of a task when you have no hobbies or work to pursue therefore, it is always advisable to try out new things and look out for new hobbies to keep your mind busy.

6. Accept that it will take time

Falling out of love with somebody does not happen overnight, it is something that will take time. And not having unrealistic targets and making peace with the fact that this process will take time is necessary for this situation.

7. Think of it as a lesson

Your love didn’t get a destination, maybe it wasn’t just meant to be, maybe it was just too toxic for you, who knows what it was? What you know now is that you have to move on so why not just learn from what happened and see it as a life lesson that would help you a lot in the future?