6 Bizarre pregnancy myths that are anything but true

6 bizarre pregnancy related myths

Pregnancy is the time when the excitement and anticipation of not only the mother but of the whole family is at its peak. It is the time when nobody wants to make a mistake and therefore they become open to any kind of knowledge from any source giving a lot of space for myths to creep in.

Therefore, here we are sharing a list of some pregnancy-related myths you should stay away from.

Myth 1: You can’t exercise while you are pregnant

6 bizarre pregnancy related myths

Exercising can never be bad for anyone so how can it be bad for a pregnant woman. The belief that exercising can be bad for a pregnant woman is completely wrong. All you have to take care of is that you don’t practice any new or absurd exercises or postures and should also consult a healthcare professional every once in a while. An exercising woman can also have some positive impacts on the baby and she can deliver a healthy and happy baby.

Myth 2: You should stay away from seafood when you are pregnant

Many people believe that a pregnant woman should not be eating seafood whereas the truth is completely opposite. If you eat seafood rich in Omega-3 you are bound to have smarter kids with higher verbal IQ and communication skills.

Myth 3: You can’t have sex while you are pregnant

6 bizarre pregnancy related myths

It is totally absurd that you should not have sex while you are pregnant. The baby inside you is protected by the amniotic fluid in your uterus and therefore there is no need to abstain from any kind of sexual activity while you are pregnant.

Myth 4: Pregnant women should stay away from spices

A very bizarre myth about pregnancy is that if you eat a lot of spice during pregnancy your child is at the risk of becoming blind. Spices are also blamed for miscarriages and also induction of labor which is totally absurd. So, you can go ahead and satisfy your cravings.

Myth 5: You should take a diet for two

It is a very common myth that a woman should have a diet of two as she is carrying a life inside her but there is no truth to it. A pregnant woman should increase her diet but that does not mean that the woman should indulge in excessive overeating as that could be harmful to both the woman as well as the fetus. Overeating can even lead to maternal weight gain as well as child obesity.

Myth 6: Girls steal away their mother’s beauty

6 bizarre pregnancy related myths

This is something you either might have heard a lot or not at all, but this is surely one of the most bizarre myths. The myth suggests that if you are pregnant with a girl you may experience a loss of beauty. But the truth is that this has nothing to do with the baby girl inside you but everything to do with the exhaustion and morning sickness you experience during pregnancy.

So, dodge all these myths and enjoy your pregnancy, if it’s not giving you a tough time initially.