It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more

Credits: Apple TV+

Remember surfing through the pages of the school newspaper to look for comic strips which we used to read and laugh about with our classmates? That was Peanuts, and it was a crucial part of most of our school morning routine. Do tell us if we’re wrong. It has been a part of our childhood, and it’s a huge thing that it still exists and platforms like Apple TV+ have taken it upon themselves to bring out special episodes of one of our favorite comic strips.

One such upcoming special is It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown. Directed by Raymond S. Persi, it is a special episode for Earth Day, and it includes an original song by American singer-songwriter Ben Folds. It follows the struggles of the Peanuts when a flower grows in the wrong spot.

Credits: Apple TV+

Here’s everything to know about the upcoming Peanuts episode, It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown:

It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown Release Date

It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on April 15, 2022.

It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown Trailer

As always, the trailer of the upcoming Charlie Brown episode is just too adorable to miss. It portrays Peanuts preparing for an upcoming baseball championship that holds quite a lot of importance for them. But their practice gets interrupted when Sally finds a flower that grew in the middle of the field and decides to save it from all the other Peanuts. 

At first, all of them seemed to be pretty much exasperated by Sally’s stubborn attitude to save the flower but eventually joined her in the cause. Adding to it, they decided to plant more and more plants on the baseball field so that the little flower didn’t feel alone. Isn’t that so cute? At first, Charlie too found his little sister’s passion for the flower absolutely ridiculous, but eventually, he too understands that if it means so much to her, he won’t become a hurdle in between. 

It's The Small Things, Charlie Brown — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown Plot

The story follows Sally’s efforts to save the little flower that grew on the balling mound of the baseball field. The Peanuts were expecting an important baseball championship which got interrupted by the flower episode. But Sally didn’t care. All she wanted was the flower to survive and everybody there to take care of it. 

Her passion for it made that happen as well. It brought a Green revolution where all the kids decided to plant saplings in the field. 

It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown Voice Cast

CharlieBrown 1
Credits: Apple TV+
  • Tyler Nathan plays Charlie Brown
  • Terry McGurrin plays Snoopy
  • Hattie Kragten plays Sally
  • Rob Tinkler plays Woodstock
  • Lexi Perri plays Peppermint Patty
  • Isabella Leo plays Lucy van Pelt
  • Wyatt White plays Linus van Pelt
  • Holly Gorski plays Marcie
  • Caleb Bellavance plays Franklin
  • Natasha Nathan plays Patty
  • Charlie Boyle plays Violet Gray
  • Jacob Soley plays “Pig-Pen”
  • Matthew Mucci plays Schroeder
  • Jackson Reid plays Thibault
  • Will Bhaneja plays Shermy
  • Maya Misaljevic plays Frieda
  • Jacob Mazeral plays José Peterson
  • Lucas Nguyen plays Floyd
  • Beatrice Schneider plays Lydia
  • Maria Nash plays Eudora
  • Evan Sheppard plays 5

Peanuts is an American comic strip illustrated and written by Charles M. Schulz. It started back in 1950 and was originally written till 2000 till the death of Charles Schulz, and has been continuing as reruns since then. It follows a gang of young children, a dog, and a bird – Charlie Brown, Franklin, Lucy Van Pelt, Linus Van Pelt, Peppermint Patty, Sally Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, and their day-to-day events and childhood struggles.