5 Signs you are being used in a relationship

signs you are being used in a relationship
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Have you ever felt that you were or are still being used in your relationship? Well, this is not a good feeling and, obviously, not at all a good place to be in, but you can actually be used in a relationship, and that too in many ways, including physically, emotionally, mentally, or even financially.

So, here are a few signs that suggest you are being used in a relationship.

1. They are focused only on themselves

No healthy relationship in this world is all about one single person. If your relationship is becoming all about your partner, about their job, their family, their issues, and everything related to them, then you must realize that something wrong is going on. If all the attention in the relationship is on them and you are never their priority, this is surely a sign that you are being used in that relationship as that relationship is not at all two-way and is about your world revolving around theirs.

2. They are only nice when they want something

5 Signs you are being used in a relationship

Do you feel that your partner is manipulative enough to be nice and close to you if and only when they want something from you, and as soon as they get that thing done, they are back to their distant and sulking self? It could be anything, from sex to get you to buy them expensive things. Well, this could be a sign that they are using you for their good. But all this does not necessarily mean that you start doubting your partner whenever they are being nice, but you should try and be smart enough to identify if your partner is a “user.”

3. They are in constant need of money

You or your partner or even your friends may need help with finances at times, and it is completely okay to ask for help in these situations. But do you see it as a pattern that your partner is in constant need of money and is not even shy or is just pretending to be shy in asking for money from you and that too constantly? Well, this could be a significant sign that you are being financially used in your relationship. So, if you feel that this is your case, don’t forget to keep a tab on your cash flow towards your partner.

4. You start resenting them

5 Signs you are being used in a relationship

You don’t always have to hate yourself for being resentful towards your partner, as who knows if they actually deserve it? Well, it is true that we humans are good at intuition, and we will soon be able to see if our partner is not giving out the right vibes and is only with us for using us and not out of the feeling of love. Therefore, it is not wrong to pause and have a look at your relationship when you are feeling resentful toward your partner. 

5. They are not ready to sort out problems

5 Signs you are being used in a relationship

Do you feel like your partner is finding excuses to fight with you and are not even willing to sort out those fights and come to a peaceful solution? Well, this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship, and you might as well are being used in it. In any healthy relationship, the two people involved are always ready to have those tough conversations as they know that these are important for the growth of the relationship, and only a person who is in for his/her personal gain will run away from this. We think now you can figure out your position in your relationship and make calculated decisions.