7 Common mistakes you should avoid if you want a happy marriage

7 common mistakes you should avoid if you want a happy marriage
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We all are humans and are allowed to make mistakes, but some mistakes are not that small and can sometimes even lead to your relationship or marriage being at stake. Therefore you should always keep a check on what mistake of yours is affecting your marriage in what sense if you want a long and healthy marriage.

Here is a list of some common mistakes you should avoid if you want a happy marriage.

1. Bringing up past mistakes

What has happened has already happened, and you can’t really do much about the past, so why not move on from it and let your marriage prosper peacefully. Sticking on to the past fights you and your spouse had or not moving on from the mistakes that were once committed will do no good to your marriage. So, just avoid sticking to them and try moving on from them.

2. Not giving importance to physical intimacy

7 common mistakes you should avoid if you want a happy marriage

No matter how much time has passed since the day you guys married each other, your marriage should not lose its spark, and that is something you need to take care of. Not giving importance to the physical intimacy between you and your spouse is a common mistake committed by couples.

3. Allowing a third person into your marriage

7 common mistakes you should avoid if you want a happy marriage

Your marriage is something you and your spouse have to protect, so allowing any third person, be it your friends or even your family, into your marriage can cause problems for you. Therefore, you both should openly talk about the involvement of others in your marriage and not let it affect the marriage in any way. 

4. Having unrealistic expectations

Expecting your partner to read your mind and do something for you or your marriage is the biggest example of having unrealistic expectations, and this is something you should definitely avoid if you want your marriage to be successful and healthy. You should train yourself to expect real things from your spouse and not something that isn’t just rationally possible.

5. Fighting to win and not to solve the issue

7 common mistakes you should avoid if you want a happy marriage

A long and healthy marriage is bound to have many fights, but all that matters is how you and your spouse handle those fights. So, if you are fighting only to win the argument and not to actually solve the issue you two are facing, your marriage is meant to go downhill. So, just stop focusing on who is going to win and focus more on the issue and the solution.

6. Not respecting each other

Marriage is a partnership of equals, and you should therefore be respectful towards your partner’s choices, opinions, actions, and many more things. Everyone in this world needs to be appreciated and respected for what they do, and so does your spouse. So, if you are having some problem with your spouse, you should take care of not badmouthing them in front of others and let them know about that issue in private. This will make them believe that you really are concerned about their image in public and have respect for them.

7. Not giving each other their personal space

Personal space is a must in every relationship. No matter how much you love spending time with somebody, you always need your personal space, and if you skip on this, your marriage could become quite overwhelming for you, causing bigger problems. Losing your sense of individuality for the sake of your marriage can really have some devastating consequences for both of you. Haven’t you heard about how absence makes the heart grow fonder? So, why not try giving your spouse their personal space and also make them want you more.