7 Tips on how to achieve a relationship you always wanted

Tips on how tp achieve a relationship you always wanted
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Whether it’s about creating the relationship you always wanted or about finding the relationship you always wanted, you should know that both of these things are possible and even under our control up to an extent so let’s take a look at some of the tips that can help you find the relationship you always wanted.

1. Know that you deserve a lot

Tips on how tp achieve a relationship you always wanted 3

People usually consider settling for less, settling for something they don’t actually want, but this is exactly where you go wrong. This is the point where you just have to know your worth and know what you deserve. Therefore, this becomes the very first step towards achieving the relationship you want. You have to realize that you deserve good and therefore, you don’t have to settle for less, not in any situation.

2. Go for brutal honesty 

Every good relationship works on the policy of brutal honesty. Honesty is the best and only way in transitioning your not-so-good relationship into the relationship you dream of. If you are not honest you can’t expect the other person to read your mind and do things accordingly. Therefore, never just shy away from choosing honesty over anything every single time.

3. Clear your mind about what you want and what are you willing to give

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A lot of us are usually confused among different things and this problem of ours is something that leads to messy, unhealthy and unhappy relationships. So, you should always take out some time for contemplating and knowing what you want in a relationship and what can you yourself bring to the table, so that both you and your partner are clear about where you are heading to.

4. Take the responsibility for your happiness is your hands

Putting your happiness in the hands of someone else no matter who they are is not at all-wise. If you are not the one in control of your happiness you are bound to have an unhealthy and toxic relationship which is surely what you were not aiming for. 

5. Know your deal breakers

Lack of self-awareness is one of the most common causes of unhappy relationships and this also includes not being aware of your own deal-breakers. You should be aware of what your deal breakers are and what are those things that you would just not tolerate so that you are able to move towards the relationship you want and deserve.

6. Strive for each other’s betterment

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Development and betterment are some of those things that keep the relationship going, if you are feeling stagnant and are not striving for a better version of yourself or are not even contributing to or motivating your partner for their betterment you are definitely doing something wrong, and are moving towards a dead-end.

7. Fight in the right way

Fights are a part of every relationship, no relationship is a good relationship if you are not having fights because not having fights is a sign of a fake relationship. Healthy fights and fighting in the right way is important as this makes your relationship stronger which is what people usually want. You should always remember that when you are fighting with someone you love it is not you versus them but you two versus the problem.