7 Signs you have healed from your trauma

Signs you have healed from your trauma
Credits: Pexels

We all go through different stages of life and some may even traumatize us in a way that we think is really hard to get over. But all this does not mean that you give up on trying, that you give up on yourself and become okay with being traumatized. You should go on with your fight against trauma and here are some signs that would help you recognize if you are actually over your trauma or not.

1. You start feeling your emotions again

Signs you have healed from your trauma 1

Not crying and holding your emotions inside just to show up a tough exterior is no sign of bravery, it rather is a sign that you are just emotionally exhausted and hurt. So, once you are open to your emotions again and are ready to validate them without any fear or shame there are a lot of chances that you are past the traumatic relationship that was not letting you feel anything.

2. You are moving from mindlessness to mindfulness

You should know that while you are not healed properly the only emotion that drives you to do anything is the feeling of getting distracted from something, but if that feeling is no longer your driving force and you are now doing things because you want to do them you should be happy because you are moving towards healing and this is a clear sign of that.

3. You don’t feel the trauma physically anymore

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When you are going through a trauma you feel it physically as well, your body makes you feel it quite clearly. So, if you feel that your body is releasing the tension now, it is releasing all that stress and trauma you should feel relaxed as it is a sign of you healing.

4. You are open to support

We usually push any kind of support away from us when we are not really healed. We don’t allow anyone to be near us and this just comes naturally. But if you see that you are no longer afraid to be around people, that you are no longer afraid to be vulnerable when needed then you are healing my friend. You seeking out support is a sign of your healing.

5. You forgive yourself

Not being able to forgive yourself and keep on blaming yourself for everything is a sign that you are facing some trauma, it is a sign that you are not at peace internally. So, once you feel that you are taking yourself off the hook and are not taking the blame all to yourself you are healing from your inner trauma.

6. You are no more in denial

Signs you have healed from your trauma 2

Not accepting the truth and not living in the reality is also a sign of having trauma but once you are trying and coming face to face with reality you are healing and this is a very positive step.

7. You realize your worth

We usually forget who we are, we forget what kind of a person we are and what our worth is when we are not okay internally. This all happens naturally and you don’t even force it on you but if you are no longer like this and now aware of your worth if you are aware of what you can be you are healing,