10 Essentials to add to your period self-care kit

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Every girl survives 3 to 7 difficult days every month from puberty to menopause Dealing with period cramps, stains, and mood swings is not easy. If the modern generation can move towards a weekend self-care kit and a holiday self-care kit, then why not make a period self-care kit?

Let us see what all essentials should be added to a self-care kit for extra care during menstrual pain and bleeding.


Chocolates are a great cure for mood swings. Sometimes, they can also help in settling the abdominal pain. Also, who doesn’t like chocolates? In case you do not have a sweet tooth, you can grab a dark chocolate bar for a better taste and flavor. Well, dark chocolates are said to be more effective in relieving period cramps.

A handful of almonds:

periods self care kit

Almonds are said to help you in curing menstrual pain. They will not only help in reducing pain but also help in sustaining your energy level. Almonds boost up your body for a better physical output. During periods, one can have almonds once or twice a day, depending upon the season and diet. Almonds can also be combined with other products like yogurt for better relief.

Sticky notes/small notepad:

During periods, a girl is often hit by loads of thoughts and ideas in her mind. These are the ultimate results of either pain or survival through the pain. In such a case, you can pen down your thoughts for relief and read them later for an equally strong dose of entertainment as your pain was. Also, you can write small notes for yourself like “You are strong,” or “This will make you stronger.” A period notebook can act like a friend with whom you can speak your heart. For this purpose, you can take a simple notebook. If you are crazy and artistic, you can make a cool cover for yourself that will make your notebook look appealing.

Your period buddy:


Your period buddy is basically the menstrual product that you use. These days, there are numerous products in the market, some of which promise comfort, while others ensure that there are no stains on your clothes. One can find a hundred products that promise you that you can wear a confident white outfit during periods. But, never go for something beyond your comfort and ease. During periods, if the body does not feel comfortable, it will lead to irritation. There is a wide range of products to choose from. Extending from basic sanitary pads, menstrual cups, and tampons to period panties and a lot more.

Handkerchief and wipes:

You might be wondering about the utility of these products. Wipes can help you in more effective cleaning of your vaginal area. Handkerchiefs can help in keeping the area dry after cleaning. Carrying these products can help in maintaining better hygiene.

Face mask:

It’s time for some self-care. Treat yourself like a queen. Spare some me-time from your schedule and lay down for a few minutes. Apply a hydrating sheet mask on your face and close your eyes. You can also add some music to the moment to make it more satisfying and effective. This can be very beneficial for those who end up with irritation and a bad mood during periods.

Body mist:


Sometimes, period blood can lead to a smell. While some sanitary pads also give out an unusual smell. In such a case, you can carry a body mist to prevent smell. Spray it on your jeans or your lower apparel to avoid a bad smell. Feel confident and walk without any fear.

Tissues for disposal:

At times, you may not find a proper disposal system for sanitary pads in the washroom. Grab a tissue and wrap your used pad in it. Now, the tissue bubble can be thrown in any dustbin without harming others, spreading smell and also keeping the cleanliness intact.

A tiny soft toy:

Periods often lead to mood swings. Most of the girls like cute chubby toys. Find a small fluffy toy and add it to your period self-care kit. You can take it out and feel the softness to calm your brain and settle your mood.

A lip-gloss:

Makeup tips

Protecting your smile is very important. Grab a lip gloss of your choice. Whenever you feel sad or irritated, use it to glow your lips and put a smile on your face. A smile can light up your face. Looking at yourself in the mirror can make you feel cheerful and enthusiastic again.

Grab a pouch, gather the products that make you happy, and formulate your period self-care kit today. Above listed are some of the essentials that you can include. One can also include a mini hot water bag in the kit. For period pains, Chamomile tea bags can also prove to be helpful.

This period self-care kit can act as a very kind gift for your loved ones. Make it and gift it to someone who needs it.