ARMY reacts to BTS’ meeting with US President Joe Biden

Credits: Kpop_Herald/Twitter

BTS visited the White House on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, to address anti-Asian hate crimes on the last day of Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) heritage month. Millions of people joined the live session from the White House as the Bangtan Boys meet US President Joe Biden. The boys were termed as ‘youth ambassadors’. The band took up the stage to spread the message of hope and positivity across the world.

The BTS boys shared their experiences when they have been mocked for their appearance. While the boys, in their 20s, often appear on screens and at concerts with earrings and lipstick, they are creating space for a generation comfortable with gender fluidity. As BTS is gearing up for the upcoming release of their anthology album Proof, there’s a lot going on social media about their visit to the White House and meeting with Joe Biden.

Before the visit, the fans wished the boys saying that they are very proud of them. The fans praised the band for taking this step forward for the cause of Anti-Asian Hate Crime. The sleepy Washington got a shot of adrenaline rush as the BTS boys are welcomed by President Joe Biden. Inside the press briefing room, the journalists from South Korea and Japan stood in the aisles. According to The Guardian, the room had not been so full since a reality TV star became president.


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How did the Army react?

BTS has been involved in numerous social campaigns aimed at empowering young people. They always thank the Army for constant support and never-ending praises. Since the boys’ visit to the White House, Twitter and Instagram are flooded with posts praising the boys for the cause and that the Army is proud of them. Apart from this, there were many jokes and memes sliding with the pictures of Suga, Jimin, and V. BTS earned every bit of respect they deserve at the White House.

Tweets of the moment

Let us have a look at some of the tweets from the moment.

This tweet exhibits the picture of the moment when Yoongi was delivering his speech at the White House in the press briefing room.

Along with this tweet, there were multiple Tweet threads with the hashtag #yoongimarryme as a picture shows him staring at the podium during the entry and giving eerie expressions.

Fans tweeted pictures of the briefing room saying, “can’t be more proud” as the boys walk in black blazers, white shirts, and a black tie, all in formals. This is just another milestone in world history when the President welcomes them to the White House and the boys are all ready to communicate the message that matters.

The Army is always obsessed with the looks and poses of the handsome boys. In one of the tweets, Jimin’s pose was compared to that of the Boss Baby.

Apart from all the praises and memes, some fans also compared the band’s visit to the White House to that of Michael Jackson’s visit in 1984. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop visited the White House when Ronald Reagan was in power as the President of the U.S.

Alongside all this, you might also witness some tweets exposing the briefing room in a purple color and the complete White House in purple color as a sign of BTS’ influence on the location.