7 Last-minute wedding things one should never forget

7 Last minute wedding things one should never forget 2
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Marriage is a golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and end is an eternity and nobody would want to have any problem on this special occasion. This special day comes with a lot of stress as well and that is all because of the hectic schedule it brings.

So this marriage season, we are here up with “7 Last-minute wedding things one should never forget” so that your wedding day becomes hustle free and a great experience.

1.  Enumerate your belongings

7 Last minute wedding things one should never forget 3

Approaching days can be stressful, and you may tend to forget many things. So keep a diary and list all the necessary belongings you need to carry along in it and make your daily routine to keep a check and update the things. This small task of listing everything down quickly can actually save you a lot of time and make your days quite less stressful.

2.  Meditate and relax

No matter how happy, peaceful, and special the occasion anxiety may always come in uninvited to spoil everything. And even on your wedding day, a situation may occur when a lot is going on within and around you, resulting in anxiety. It can also bring your day down, so it is crucial to relax and have ‘me time’ to clear out clutters in life. 

 3. Contact vendors

Marriage is a lot about a lot of work for both you and all the people managing your wedding. But you are still the head and should make sure that none of your vendors is out of line for this special day of yours. Make sure you have the contact number of all the service providers at the wedding. You must also have a spare vendor in touch if out of the clear blue sky, the first one’s unable to provide the service.

4. Settlement of services

Yes, it is your wedding day and you have a lot of other things to worry about but you should still ensure to withdraw cash for payment to services and vendors well before time and keep a check that you always have some money in hand if god forbids some emergency.

5. Dry run of your look 

7 Last minute wedding things one should never forget

You are going to remember this day forever and therefore everything just has to be perfect no matter what. If you want to look perfect on your wedding day you should just have the complete look run of your dress and makeup before your wedding day so that you can subdue shortcomings if there are any.

6. Practice walking in your shoes

7 Last minute wedding things one should never forget 1

Do you want to stumble down while walking towards your partner or even anyone else on this special day of yours when all the eyes and cameras are actually on you? No, right? So, it would be just wise of you to practice walking in whatever footwear you are going to use on this day beforehand.

7. Thank everyone

Appreciating everyone for whatever they did and how they helped you in this journey of yours is very important before you start this new journey. You should just take out a few minutes and thank everyone who you think is worthy of it before your wedding ceremonies begin.