7 Signs of a toxic partner


Your sense of self-worth, happiness, and perspective on yourself and others, which used to be positive, have all been contaminated by a toxic relationship. The person you fell for turned out to be toxic. It’s not your fault that you fell in love; your partner may have initially shown a good side, and their true personality emerged when it became difficult for you to end the relationship because you had already developed strong feelings for them.

Relationships may start off well, but over time, negative emotions, troubled pasts, or unfulfilled desires can arise and poison the relationship. It is important to recognize that you are in a toxic relationship before it becomes too late and negatively impacts your mental health. Staying in such a relationship will only cause more harm. Let’s explore the prominent signs of a toxic partner.

Your partner is highly insecure

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There is little insecurity in every relationship, but when your partner starts overdoing it, then things get toxic. If you are hanging out with friends and that makes your partner angry, he wants you to stop spending time with your close ones and only spend time with him. Even if he is busy, he still wants you to be alone rather than going out with someone or spending quality time with friends and family. He creates even more issues seeing you with the opposite sex.

Your desires are crushed

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We all have vital needs and expectations in a relationship, including connection, affirmation, gratitude, and love. When these things are neglected by your partner, there is hardly any reason to be in it.  Often your desires are unfulfilled, and your attempts to communicate about what you need result in a dispute. Every time promises made by your partner go in vain, that’s a clear sign of a toxic relationship that is harmful in either case.

You are always blamed

If your partner always points out mistakes about you. Always makes you feel how unworthy you are and compares you with others putting you down. It’s time to stand up for yourself against his toxic behavior. Remember, you are too good to be treated like that.

Your partner makes zero effort in the relationship

Whether it is love or marriage, a relationship works when both get equally involved in everything. No one can keep a relationship going alone; it requires equal affection and contribution from both partners or else it gets exhausting and lonely. If you think your extreme love is enough for both, then it’s not going to work for long. You will end up getting deeper into this toxic relationship.

Constant lying and cheating

6-things-couples-must-avoid-in-a-relationshipNothing can work out in a relationship once the trust is broken. If your partner has a habit of always speaking lies then it’s time to break your silence and move on. Trust will be destroyed by lying and cheating as if it never existed. Once lost, trust can be difficult to regain.

Your partner always wants you to agree to his decision

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A supportive partner will understand that you won’t always agree with their decision. It’s probably time to end the relationship if you’re only accepted when you’re saying yes. This is one of the biggest traits of a toxic person, as they never care about what others feel or want.

Controlling nature

Everyone deserves a certain amount of privacy and you get that when you are in a healthy relationship because there is trust. If your partner is always looking through your phone bills, text messages, and receipts, this demonstrates an unhealthy amount of control. It’s humiliating. As an adult, you don’t require ongoing supervision.