6 Reasons why you are sleepy all the time

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You are not the only one experiencing constant fatigue. Even if you ask your friends or colleagues first thing in the morning, a percentage of them will say the same. While it may seem common to constantly feel exhausted at this phase and age of life, due to your daily routine of waking up early, traveling for work, and engaging in demanding tasks, there could also be underlying health issues contributing to the fatigue.

If you consistently feel sleep-deprived despite getting ample rest, it is advisable to consult a medical expert. Fatigue is associated with a lack of physical and mental energy and can be caused by various factors such as lifestyle choices, illnesses, sleep disorders, or mental health issues. You may feel worn out and exhausted due to several reasons, including chronic stress, dietary inadequacies, depression, and sleep apnea. Excessive tiredness and sleep deprivation can have serious effects on your health, indicating underlying health problems or being linked to other hazards and issues.

Here are the causes of sleepiness.


Often you must have noticed that if you are home and have nothing to do the whole day you may feel exhausted for no reason, you just lie down, sleep, eat and repeat.  Your body produces less energy when you are inactive which makes you drowsy all the time.  So, it’s better to keep yourself working after every short interval or engage yourself in some activity that will help you fight sleepiness.

Mental stress

depression 2

If you are sad, depressed, or constantly worried about something, your mind will keep getting exhausted, which will eventually make your body weak, and you will tend to sleep more. Your sleep issue can be significantly impacted by psychological stress. Even worse, sleep deprivation might exacerbate your stress levels. Also, sometimes due to all this stress, you might be sleep deprived and face problems in taking a good 8-hour sound sleep at night, which can be another reason for you to feel sleepy the next whole day.


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There are certain medicines that make you feel sleepy; for instance, cough and cold medicines often make you feel drowsy due to the contents of the medicine. Likewise, several other prescribed tablets and syrups might be the cause of you feeling sleepy all the time. You can ask your doctor for a replacement or wait for the medication dose to get completely over. Also, many medical diseases have symptoms, including fatigue, overall weakness, and sleepiness.

Over-exerting yourself


You might have noticed that when you are extremely tired, you often find it hard to get a quick sleep when it should have been the opposite. Your body may become too exhausted to recover overnight if you engage in excessive exercise or overexert yourself in other ways. This may make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep or make you feel exhausted.


Women experiencing menopause might go through hot flashes, and night sweats that are responsible for sleep disturbances, which contribute to menopausal tiredness. Other potential factors include hormonal changes, aging, and the difficulties that come with this stage of life. Stress and menopausal fatigue have a complicated relationship which leads you to feel sleepy the whole day long.



People who have unhealthy eating habits or those who over-eat tend to feel sleepy at any time. Controlling your diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle might help you get over this problem.