6 Reasons why you are angry all the time

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Anger, fear, and anxiety can be brought on by stressful conditions, such as any dispute, health issue, injustice, pain, etc., and this might raise your risk of becoming irritable. However, there are times when anger and irritability have little to do with actual events. The cause could be anything from insufficient sleep to specific drugs.

It might be your negative mood can be caused by medical issues. Anger is an unpleasant emotion that is frequently accompanied by aggressive thoughts, physical arousal, and unhelpful acts. It typically arises in response to another person’s unwelcome activities that are seen as being disrespectful, humiliating, threatening, or negligent.

There are many instances where you have the right to become angry if someone misbehaves with you without reason or if your boss at the workplace criticizes you every time in spite of your hard work. So, in these cases, it is natural to develop such a feeling for a short while unless things get better. But when anger becomes your trait, that’s where the problem starts. You get angry for every small reason, even where it is not required.

Lack of sleep

Credits: Pexels

Insufficient sleep is a potential reason for this. If you want to get rid of anger, give sleep first priority. Instead of short naps, try taking an adequate amount of sleep which is required according to your age. Sleep is essential for maintaining good mental health. Thus being tired makes you irritable and angry.



People generally face mood swings when going through depression. In this, you will feel nothing is going well around you; everything makes you feel sad, and you are often in a grumpy mood.



Anyone can become anxious when thinking about a deadline or forthcoming event. People are in a heightened level of arousal when they are worried about some pending work which is very important, but those who suffer from anxiety feel this way constantly. So, one of the reasons you are facing anger issues might be because of anxiety disorder.

Health issue

Even pain that appears to have nothing to do with mood, such as a sore back, might make you more irritable. Also, suffering from viral flu or some other health problem makes you upset and irritated. Whenever you are experiencing physical discomfort, you will automatically see a change in your behavior. People don’t want to admit they’re in pain, so you see irritation and anger instead.

Caffeine addiction


You could become agitated if you’re addicted to coffee but haven’t gotten your dose, or you might become tense if you’ve consumed too much coffee. The more coffee you drink you are able to stay awake, but this again becomes the reason for lack of sleep which leads to anger issues, as explained above.

Playing violent games online

Experts say that playing violent video games and even watching lots of action-packed movies/dramas exacerbate an individual’s rage and violence, especially in children, as they tend to adapt to things easily. The music in violent video games is fast-paced and agitating. The same is the case with violent action movies which leave a deep impact on our brains.