Feeling lost in a relationship? Here’s what you can do

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Feeling lost or lonely doesn’t always mean that you have no relationship, but sometimes even after being surrounded by family and lots of friends, you feel lonely. You could be part of a stable relationship, but still, you have a feeling of loneliness. You might feel unwanted, love-deprived, empty, or all three.

You might be sitting next to your lover at a dining table and still feeling lonely, which sounds absurd making no sense. There can be several reasons associated with this problem. Here is what you can do to overcome this feeling.

Make a connection

Dismissive-Avoidant attachment style

If you feel lost in a relationship, one of you may have pulled away. Or perhaps the two of you have grown apart and not so much close as you once were. Couples may become estranged as a result of external constraints like having to spend more time on their job, studies, caring for kids, or simply being bored by each other.  There might be no or very less intimate connection left between the two. To meet someone else’s requirements, you might feel excessively stressed out or exhausted.  So, you have to work on these issues and try to make a good connection.

Share your feelings


If you experience loneliness in a relationship, it’s possible that you aren’t communicating your worries, anxieties, and vulnerabilities to your partner. You cannot expect your partner to help you get away with your problems unless you talk about them. If you want your partner to guide you toward meaning in life when things are difficult, you are required to express it. So, do not wait for your partner to understand himself. Communication is the best way to make a relationship strong.

Concentrate on the present

Many times, even if you are surrounded by people, your mind is somewhere else. You are completely lost in your own thoughts, that is the most obstinate thing you can do. This way, you will make them lose their temper and also end up not enjoying the present moment.  Leave your past baggage aside when you are spending time with your loved one. So even if you had a bad day at work or have some crucial thoughts in mind, leave them aside.

Guide your partner if he is going wrong

Couple fights

Your partner might not be giving you the attention you require. While watching a movie, there is no discussion in between; during dinner, there is pin-drop silence, or when it’s time to spend a couple’s time together, he might be busy on his phone or gaming. Tell your partner that this behavior offends you and makes you feel lost and lonely. Unless you tell him to stop, he will continue to do so.

Seek a counselor

Other reasons for feeling lost might be associated with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc. Often in such cases, a person feels love deprived, alone, and unsatisfied. You should talk to your partner about it and consult a counselor to overcome these feelings.