7 Things to keep in mind if you have a toddler

Credits: Pexels

The year between turning two and turning three is a fun one. Toddlers are beginning to understand that they are distinct people and can do several things without their parents. This indicates that they are motivated to act autonomously, speak out for themselves, and express their preferences and dislikes regarding food or toys. The language abilities that enable toddlers to communicate their thoughts, desires, and needs are also growing in them.

They struggle with patience and self-control since they do not yet understand the logic. Toddlers demand their wants at the appropriate times; you may have to deal with their cranky behavior often. Here are a few essential things to keep in mind as a parent if you have a toddler at home.

Always be in a good mood in front of a toddler


Toddlers are said to adapt to someone’s behavior fast. If any of the parents is always overloud or in a bad mood, it has a higher chance your toddler will learn from it and start acting like that. Fighting in front of a toddler is also a big “no”.

Never laugh if your toddler copies abusive terms


Nowadays, we often see toddlers’ videos on social media where they are saying abusive words like s*it, fcuk, etc., and parents are seen laughing and uploading it for likes. Your toddler might not know what these words mean, but when they see you laughing, they think it’s something good and might repeat it often. They may have heard these words from you or relatives, which they have picked up. So, it’s advised to never use such terms in front of your toddlers. The best thing is to never react if toddlers use such terms.

Make their eating choice healthy


It’s said that taste buds develop at this age; whatever you make them eat, they will get familiar with the taste, so it’s best to make them eat healthy food and drinks and not give them the taste of junk.

Fix their sleep routine


Make sure your toddler has a particular sleep and wake-up window. You must wake them up if you find them sleeping for longer hours. This way, they will be in bed on time at night, and you won’t have a hard time making them sleep.

Make them understand emotions


It’s the best time to make them learn certain emotions and body language, like shaking hands, saying goodbye, thank you, kissing, hugs, etc. Good behaviors are also adapted by toddlers easily.

Keep them away from gadgets


Nowadays, parents share their mobile phones with their toddlers to make them quiet seeing cartoons. The toddlers get so addicted that they even eat while watching their phones. Parents are advised not to make them introduced to gadgets no matter how cranky their toddler is. For this, parents themselves need to limit their screen time when they are home.

Take your toddler outside frequently


Your toddler might be bored at home but unable to express his wants. Take your toddler outside to familiarize him with new things and activities and, most importantly, fresh air. This will help to brighten up his mood.