All you need to know about facial shaving

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Shaving facial hair is completely a matter of choice. While many women are at ease shaving it off, others are concerned about the negative implications. Some of them believe that shaving can lead to thicker, darker facial hair growth and, in rare situations, redness and inflammation.

However, it is said that facial hair removal by shaving process gives it a cleaner look, as it exfoliates dry and dead skin cells. It might be quite simple to apply makeup if your skin is smooth. Women who chose this option find it to be the best process than other hair removal processes. There are two types of hair in our facial area, light/thin hair and darker/deeper ones. It is said that facial shaving helps to get rid of both types of hair and gives it a smooth finish. Shaving is thought to be the easiest, fastest, and most efficient technique. You can shave your face with either an electric or a disposable razor.

However, if you have sensitive skin that is prone to pimples or irritation, then shaving facial hair is not a good decision as it might hurt the pimple and make your skin more irritated, and even cause redness. Shaving in these circumstances could make things worse and increase the risk of infection.

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Guide to shaving your facial hair perfectly:

As we all know that women’s facial hair shaving is very different from men’s shaving. Both have completely different skin textures and that is the reason both have completely different processes of shaving. Also, it needs to be dealt with with extra precaution as the facial area is really sensitive in comparison to all the other body parts.

Cleanse your face

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Make sure to thoroughly cleanse your face to get rid of makeup and dust particles before you begin shaving. This might aid you in avoiding skin irritation or inflammation.


Make sure to remove the dead skin cell with a gentle scrub before you start the process of shaving. Exfoliating aids in avoiding ingrown hairs as well.

Hydrating face

Before shaving, place a hot, damp washcloth against your face for two to three minutes. This will make shaving easier by hydrating the skin. You can also wash your face with lukewarm water before shaving.

Put mild shaving gel/oil

Skin moisturization

There are numerous good brands of shaving gel/oil for women’s facial hair shaving. Apply them in the required area, it keeps your skin moisturized and makes it possible for the razor to move across your skin easily.

Select your shaving razor accurately

To shave facial hair, choose a razor with a straight edge and a single sharp blade. A sharp razor enables clean shaving and pulls out hair with simple strokes, reducing the chance of nicks and injuries. Keep a different razor just for shaving your face, and make sure not to shave different parts of body hair with it. By doing this, you can extend the duration that the razor will stay sharp. Keep in mind that a blunt razor might cause more burns and razor bumps.