BTS: 5 lesser-known facts about Suga

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The real name of SUGA is Min Yoon-Gi. Although he is most recognized as a brilliant rapper for the K-pop group BTS, he is also a gifted producer and songwriter. Suga is referred to as BTS’s “old soul.” Jungkook once jokingly remarked that Suga is an old man with an excessive amount of passion for music.

RM made a similar remark about Suga. He said in an interview, “Once you get closer to him you will get to see his distinct personality, he’s incredibly soft. He is a grandfather who enjoys music. He also loves doing weird things and has knowledge about things others similar to his age might not have heard before”.

He is very straightforward and exactly clear in his mind about what he wants and what he does not want, which is another quality that shows his maturity and sensibility. He has spoken out on subjects that most K-pop singers have shied away from and disseminated positivism through this platform.

Suga battled depression


Suga is extremely hard-working, as we all know. He will not readily display his suffering to others. But are you aware he dealt with depression? Well, when he worked as a delivery guy during his internship with Big Hit Entertainment, he had an accident at that time that seriously injured his shoulders. He was unable to strain his shoulders as a result, which caused him to experience tension and depression. Suga battled depression and put in a lot of effort to succeed. He has been open about coping with problems like social anxiety and depression, as he wants people to understand that they aren’t the only ones going through difficult times.

Educational background

Suga attended Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School, and Apgujeong High School for his academic studies. Along with the other members of his group, Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, and J Hope, he enrolled at Global Cyber University for higher studies later.

Suga led a very struggling life before joining the group

BTS Suga

Suga faced lots of ups and down during his early times due to the money crisis. Suga once tried selling his music for $9 to get groceries. Suga has encountered many challenges in the course of his musical career. He occasionally had to pick between eating or doing other things. To pay his debts, Suga would work part-time jobs, but when he ran out of money to eat, he would skip eating sometimes. His parents initially opposed his decision to become a rapper. Later on, though, his parents had a change of heart and were quite supportive of his choice.

Suga is really shy

Suga is the most adored member of the group thanks to his sincerity and shy personality. He is extremely down-to-earth as well, maybe because he is self-made.

Suga’s journey as a rapper

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Suga gave a Big Hit Entertainment audition and was chosen to be a trainee. Suga and RM were introduced after the audition, and they shared a home while waiting for the other members for several years. Suga was the second member to be selected for BTS. Suga finally made his debut as a member of the boy band BTS after waiting for a while. With the 2013 BigHit Entertainment song “No More Dreams” release, Suga made his official BTS debut. Suga has also received numerous honors and awards.