4 Things to keep in mind before coloring your hair blonde

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Are you thinking of a hair makeover but worrying about the outcome? Or do you want to experiment with your look by going all blonde? Well, that might be a surprise once you are done with it, but we can guide you on some important things which you need to know before opting for striking colors for your hair shade, especially blonde type.

However, coloring your hair blonde isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are so many options. There is a variety of blonde shades including platinum, silver, golden, creamy, caramel, buttery, strawberry, dark blonde, light blonde, ash blonde, etc. So, the first thing you need to decide is which color you need to go with. Meanwhile, here are some important factors to keep in mind before coloring your hair a blonde shade.

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Do not try at home

blonde 4Never try to experiment with hair coloring on your own, especially when you have opted for a blonde shade that needs quite a gut to go with, so always make it done by professionals. Home box dye kits are great for rejuvenating dull hair or coloring your grey hair into black. You might be surprised to learn that this exposes the main layer of your hair by forcing open the outer protective covering (cuticle). Professionals follow several steps and good products that help maintain the texture of the hair.

The desired result needs patience

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Particularly if you’re opting for light blonde, drastically changing your hair’s color might cause serious harm to it. Your hair runs the danger of breaking and developing split ends if the lightning process is sped up. Big transformations require patience and time. Instead, let a professional colorist follow all the required processes by gradually lightening it over several visits until it reaches the desired shade of blonde. Each treatment should be spaced around two weeks apart to give your hair time to replenish and strengthen. Healthy blonde hair can be achieved in two to six sessions.

Blonde shade needs a lot of care

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Your hair won’t look the same if you go blonde, though. You’ve changed your hair’s color and structural bonds as well, which has reduced its suppleness and capacity to absorb moisture. Your hair will become more delicate as a result of these changes, necessitating additional care. Try using the best hair products recommended by hair experts to make your hair healthy, and that best suits your blonde hair type. Ditch the normal shampoo you were using prior to coloring your hair, as it can cause damage. Also, prevent your hair from the sun with hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Use heat protection when using heat-styling products.

Include hair moisturizer in your routine

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Daily styling affects the texture of the hair. Therefore, just as you should moisturize your skin every day, you should also do the same for your hair. A conditioner that provides UV protection and heat resistance will work as a wonder. Unhealthy hair is difficult to style because it has lost its capacity to absorb moisture. Stop using flat irons frequently and hot water for showers. Also, drink plenty of water every day to prevent your hair from becoming brittle.