5 Types of women you come across in the workplace

Credits: Pexels

Do you believe that having a diverse workforce makes it too lively? It is frequently noted that the presence of women in an organization makes it an even better place. An organization genuinely becomes dynamic when more women are working there. If you regularly attend work, you may have some concept of the kinds of people you work with there.

Your workplace might be populated by a variety of people who fall into particular categories. Even if you have switched your job quite often and worked in different organizations, you will agree with us that no matter where you go, you will get to see certain types of personalities of colleagues in every workplace. Here we will particularly talk about the types of women colleagues you will find in every workplace.

Boss lady

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This type of bossy behavior you will get to see in your senior or manager-level employees. They will always be on their foot, instructing people about their work and behavior. They always want to be the best in front of higher authorities in office, so she will make sure her juniors work really hard and, in that process, they become extra bossy sometimes and loses their temper. They always want to take credit for everything. However she might seem the most aggressive, but if you remain with her through the end, you might learn great things about her that no one else does.

Gossip Queen


She keeps a record of everything, from the coworker’s hair color, which you are unaware even exists, to the new car your boss bought. When you want to have a deep, profound conversation, you could find it challenging with them. This kind of employee is closer to almost everybody in the office. Her best hobby is taking out important information about others’ personal life and sharing it with the rest of her colleagues. Almost everyone is scared of them but still likes to hang out for some hot gossip.

A mommy-type


These women have maternal instincts that show up when you’re going through delicate or sensitive times in life. They have a sincere, compassionate disposition. Even if you sneeze or have a stomach ache, they will come up and share 100 remedies. She likes giving advice to everyone, sometimes even in places where no one has asked for it.  Sometimes their motherly behavior makes us feel good, but when they start overdoing it, it may make you feel uncomfortable.

Obsessed with looks


This kind of female colleague is really common everywhere. She will always be on point with her makeup. Will always want colleagues to ask them about dress and fashion. Often these kinds of female employees are really quick to pass judgment on others’ fashion sense. They always want to be the center of attraction and really looses cool when other women are getting more attention.

Silent listener


Often these kinds of female employees show that they are very workaholics. They can be seen always stuck to their PC and do not have many friends. But they have their ears all around. They will pop up in between conversations and give their thought on it. That will leave you thinking about whether she was working or listening to your conversation.