5 Signs your BFF is really toxic

Credits: Pexels

Like romantic relationships, friendships can also become toxic. If even arranging a simple breakfast meet-up starts to feel exhausting, depressing, or even punishing, it might be an indication that you need to end a toxic friendship. Healthy friendships should radiate security, safety, empowerment, and upliftment.

A toxic friendship, on the other hand, leaves you physically and emotionally drained every time you interact with the other person. It’s possible that your friend acts as an emotional vampire, sapping your energy whenever you speak or spend time together. A toxic friend tends to make everything about themselves. If your BFF exhibits the following behaviors, it’s a clear sign of a toxic relationship.

A toxic friend is never present in your difficult times

toxic friends

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. We all are aware of this phrase and know how important it is in friendship. But a friend who is never there for your support in big or small matters, then what’s the use of such kind of friendship?  A friendship should act as a mutually supportive relationship.

Shows fake happiness in your achievements

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A toxic friend will be jealous of your accomplishments. Their faces will tell you all once you share some good news about your life in front of them.  Either they will be fake with their smile or try to ruin it by saying something negative or simply saying nothing at all.  A healthy connection should elevate you rather than make you feel inferior. This may imply that they find insignificant methods to criticize you for anything you do better than them. Having close friends and family members who will listen to you, encourage you, and also share their own accomplishments and challenges is important. A Toxic friend might not live up to your expectation ever.

Feels jealous seeing you happy with other people

Feeling jealous is something common when you see your close ones getting attached to other people ignoring you. But toxic friends will never tell you why they are mad at you. They will simply create scenes or try to make your relationship with another person bad. Also, your friend might be hanging around with other people and feels okay about it, but when you do the same, they have a big problem.

Only shares gossip

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Friends are not meant to just gossip about other people. If you have a friend who has the trait of always gossiping around, it’s obvious that he/she is too negative to be around. There should be lots of things in common to talk about in friendship. Even if your friend is talking about herself all the time, she is the meanest.  You can test your friend by saying something about yourself, and you will see there is no interest in listening.

A toxic friend will always want to change you

BFFs are family. You don’t have to act fake around them as you share your heart with them, and you both know everything about each other. But if you have to change yourself to fit in the friendship, then it is not worth it. A genuine buddy wouldn’t advocate for you to alter who you are. Your friends should encourage you to be your best self, not someone else entirely.