Getting married? Follow this diet for a bridal glow

Credits: Pixabay, Pexels

Most girls dream of looking the best at their wedding. Nowadays, there are several beauty treatments available just for the bride-to-be to make them prepare for their D-day look. Several beauty salons provide a special package for brides-to-be that promises to give them all sorts of essential treatment before the wedding to look their best.

But beauty experts suggest everyone follow natural remedies, including proper healthy food that’s good for the body and skin, as well as a proper sleep routine to enhance the everlasting glow that will help you look radiant even without makeup. If you are aiming for a natural bridal glow, then you must include some essential food in your diet from now onwards.

Nutrients and essential vitamins provided by food are natural and will be there on your face permanently, whereas if you only concentrate on makeup and beauty treatment without following a proper diet, you may end up looking exhausted. So, if you really desire a perfect bridal glow, then include these foods in your daily diet.


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Start having sprouts as part of your breakfast if you want the desired result. Sprouts nourish your skin contributing to healthy skin maintenance. Sprouts have been demonstrated to help reduce acne and to produce collagen. Including sprouts in your daily routine reduces wrinkles and other aging symptoms, making your skin tight. If you want to maintain the shine and youthfulness of your skin for a long time, then sprouts are one food that you should never skip, as they contain a lot of B-complex vitamins, which help with cellular renewal and skin restoration. These nutrients will aid in pore cleaning and skin sagging prevention, it keeps your skin lustrous.

Soy Milk

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Brides who fear gaining little weight and want no issue regarding wedding dress fittings on D-day are advised to switch on to soy milk. Soy milk has less sugar by nature than dairy milk which not only helps you to stay maintained but also gives good benefits to your skin health. A cup full of soy milk only has lesser calories than skim milk which is again very good for the skin. You receive an additional dosage of fiber from soy milk, which helps you feel fuller for longer and won’t have food cravings. Soy milk is also considered very good for hair; it enhances hair quality and is also beneficial for people dealing with fizzy hair.



Amla gives a natural glow to your skin. You can eat amla directly or even add chunks of amla to your daily juice for that instant visible glow on your face. It keeps your skin hydrated and healthy and is also very effective in reducing skin aging. It also helps in making your hair texture better.


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Your skin will seem healthy and youthful if you include tomatoes in your daily routine. Add it to your simple salad or any food item; you can also have it in juice form. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and other nutrients are abundant in them. For people with oily skin, tomatoes can lighten tans, minimize big pores and sebum production, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and treat acne and pigmentation. For radiant skin, tomatoes will work as a miracle.

Green Tea

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Replacing your regular tea and caffeine with refreshing green tea will automatically replenish your skin and you will see the difference instantly. Green tea is especially abundant in polyphenols, which safeguard collagen and make your skin younger. It also helps in removing toxic elements from your body which eventually makes your skin texture clearer.