5 Food combinations that you must avoid

food combinations
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Certain food pairings should be avoided since they may result in bloating, gas, and delayed digestion. Some claim that certain meal pairings might even produce toxins in the body, which is hazardous. There are several methods of pairing and consuming particular meals together to address this issue and maximize the absorption of nutrients from them.

Food should be combined according to compatible pH ranges as some foods are considered to make the body more alkaline or acidic. It is thought that combining foods with similar pH values may improve digestion. Also, different foods break down at different rates.

Food combining proponents assert that it is better to mix foods with comparable rates of digestion in order to prevent the digestive system from becoming overloaded and ineffective. Here are some most common food combination mistakes we often make.

Pizza and Soda

food combinations

You don’t need a centuries-old medical practice to know that eating these two together is bad for you. There are several causes for this. First off, pizza contains a lot of unhealthy fat. Saturated fat-rich diets can increase your chance of developing heart disease.  Salty meals cause water retention as well, which can cause weight fluctuations. Additionally, both pizza and soda are high in simple carbohydrates, and your body is prone to crave them, which could eventually result in weight gain if you regularly consume them.

Jam and white-flour bread

food combinations

The quickest breakfast you can prepare before racing off to start your day is probably a bread loaf and jam, but it’s definitely not the healthiest. It’s a horrible food combo because it’s high in carbs. This makes for a poor day in terms of food as it has a low level of protein. You can replace jam with a diet butter that is rich in protein. Also, replace the white bread with whole-grain bread that is high in fiber.

Tea/coffee soon after having an iron-rich diet


Iron-rich meals like a spinach omelet are very common at your breakfast table, and soon we have our cup of tea or coffee. Sadly, the chlorogenic acid in coffee can inhibit the absorption of iron. This might be a problem for women who are of childbearing and menstruating age because iron is necessary for them in order to maintain energy and good health. So, if you are taking an iron-rich diet or supplement then avoid caffeinated beverages for a few hours.

Citrus juice and milk

food combinations

On a breakfast table, you often find milk and orange juice. Although it appears like a healthy way to start the day, this meal is not the best choice. For a number of reasons, this food combo is not a good choice. First of all, citrus fruits like oranges are acidic in nature; they may upset the harmony of the digestive enzymes in your stomach, making digestion challenging.

Dessert and wine after dinner

It might seem like the ideal way to cap off a lovely evening is a glass of wine and your favorite chocolate mousse, but that’s not the case. In actuality, the two don’t work well together. Alcohol slows down the process of digestion because it interferes with the formation of bile and stomach enzymes. This implies that after consuming your preferred chocolate mousse, you’ll probably feel bloated and full.