BTS celebrates 10th Debut Anniversary with nostalgic dance practice videos

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As part of the 2023 BTS FESTA, BTS delighted their fans by releasing a series of highly anticipated dance practice videos showcasing their past performances. One of the videos titled “Intro Dance” takes fans back to BTS’ rookie days in 2013. The synchronized video features the seven members and a few dancers engaging in a well-orchestrated routine while dressed in comfortable practice fits.

Anpanman: Bringing Back the Animated Performance

Another dance practice video features the beloved B-side track “Anpanman” from BTS’ 2018 release, ‘Love Yourself: Tear’. Although the song doesn’t have an official music video, it was fabulously performed during the group’s world tour. The dance practice video allows fans to relive the energetic and animated performance of the song.

[PRACTICE RECORD] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Intro Dance’ #2023BTSFESTA

Boy With Luv: A Global Hit from ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA’

In the dance practice video for “Boy With Luv,” BTS showcases their choreography for the globally adored track from their 2019 album. The members wear their name tags, reminiscent of the song’s music video, and deliver a powerful performance that takes fans on a nostalgic journey.

[PRACTICE RECORD] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Anpanman’ #2023BTSFESTA

Boyz With Fun: Revealing BTS’ Fun Side

“Boyz With Fun” is a lively track from BTS’ 2015 album, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1’. The dance practice video of this high-energy song highlights the septet’s fun and youthful sides, providing a glimpse of their younger selves.

I NEED U: A Memorable Performance from the 2015 MBC Music Festival

For the song “I NEED U,” BTS presents a special dance practice video showcasing their performance from the 2015 MBC Music Festival. The video features a lyrical remix that starts with a captivating dance entry by Jungkook and transitions into the seven members executing their fan-favorite chorus routine.

I’m Fine: Physically Tiring and Aesthetically Pleasing

The highly popular song “I’m Fine” from ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ finally receives a dance practice video, much to the delight of fans. Known for its physically demanding choreography and aesthetic appeal, this video captures the essence of the track and satisfies the anticipation among fans.

In conclusion, BTS’ 10th debut anniversary is being celebrated with the release of a series of dance practice videos, providing fans with a nostalgic journey through the group’s memorable performances over the years. Each video showcases a different track and offers a glimpse into BTS’ growth and evolution as global sensations.