Memorial space for late ASTRO member Moonbin at Namhansanseong Gukcheongsa Temple

Late ASTRO star Moonbin's fans gather to attend concert screening in Japan
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Following the passing of ASTRO member Moonbin on April 19, his agency, Fantagio, has established a memorial space to honor and remember the late singer and actor. A recent update from the company provides details about the new location and guidelines for fans who wish to pay their respects.

Moon’s Space at Namhansanseong Gukcheongsa Temple

According to a notice shared on ASTRO’s fan cafe, the memorial space, named “Moon’s Space,” will be located at the Namhansanseong Gukcheongsa Temple in Gwanju-si, Gyeonggi-do. It will be open to all Arohas (ASTRO’s fanbase) who wish to remember Moonbin. The space is scheduled to open for visits starting from June 7 at 5:30 am.

Guidelines for Visitors

The notice provided by Fantagio includes specific guidelines for visitors to the memorial space. The operating hours of the temple are specified, along with details about parking, the address of the temple, and recommendations for items to carry. The notice also advises against bringing flowers and food as tributes.

Statement from Fantagio

In their statement, Fantagio expressed their gratitude to Arohas for their support and presence at the Sky Park memorial during the 49-day ceremony for Moon Bin. They acknowledged the fans’ desire to honor Moonbin for a longer period and, after discussions with the bereaved family, decided to establish “Moon’s Space” at the Namhansanseong Gukcheongsa Temple. Although Moonbin’s religion is not Buddhism, the dedicated space was created in response to the family’s request.


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The agency acknowledges that visiting the temple may be inconvenient due to the uphill and narrow path, but they hope it will be a space where Arohas can find solace and comfort whenever they visit.

Moonbin’s Passing and Funeral

Moonbin’s passing was confirmed by Fantagio on April 19, after being found by a manager who immediately contacted the police. The funeral was held privately, respecting the wishes of the grieving family and only attended by close relatives. Since then, Moonbin’s family and friends have left letters for him at the memorial, honoring the memory of the late star.

In conclusion, Fantagio has established a memorial space named “Moon’s Space” at Namhansanseong Gukcheongsa Temple for fans to remember and pay their respects to ASTRO member Moonbin. Detailed guidelines and information have been provided for those who wish to visit the memorial.