BTS’ SUGA and Halsey Collaborate on Diablo IV OST MV and Share Their Unique Bond

BTS Suga

BTS’ SUGA and Halsey recently captivated fans as they featured in the official soundtrack music video for the highly anticipated game, Diablo IV. Halsey took on the role of the pivotal character Blessed Mother Lilith, leading viewers into a sinister world through the visually stunning music video. This collaboration comes after Halsey’s powerful performance of “Lilith” at The Game Awards in December 2022, where the release date of Diablo IV was announced for June 6, 2023. SUGA’s gravelly rap skills added another layer of intensity to the amazing track, as he delivered his verses entirely in English, creating a seamless harmony with Halsey’s vocals.

The Ongoing Collaboration between Halsey and SUGA

The Diablo IV OST MV marks the third collaboration between Halsey and SUGA. Their first collaboration took place in 2019 with the hit song “Boy With Luv,” followed by “SUGA’s Interlude,” a project dedicated to SUGA, later that year. Halsey joined SUGA as a special guest during his Los Angeles concert on May 14, where they performed “SUGA’s Interlude” together. Recently, Halsey shared a picture of herself and SUGA on Instagram, expressing her excitement about performing “SUGA’s Interlude” live with him for the first time as solo artists. She playfully referred to SUGA as her “twin,” highlighting their shared interests, smiles, and even hairstyles. Above all, Halsey praised SUGA’s energy, versatility, and creativity, acknowledging him as an authentic artist.

Halsey, SUGA - Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)

SUGA’s Solo Endeavors and Musical Journey

SUGA, known as Agust D in his solo endeavors, has been making waves in his own right. During his first solo world tour in 2019, he successfully completed the Japan leg as part of BTS’ world tour. On April 21, SUGA released his solo album, “D-DAY,” following the success of his mixtapes “Agust D” in 2016 and “D-2” in 2020. Through these releases, SUGA unveiled the full story of his seven-year musical journey as Agust D, showcasing his artistic growth and evolution.


The collaboration between SUGA and Halsey in the Diablo IV OST MV has generated immense excitement among fans, as they bring their unique talents to create a captivating musical experience. Their ongoing partnership and mutual admiration further solidify their bond as artists. Additionally, SUGA continues to make his mark as a solo artist, captivating audiences with his solo releases and showcasing his artistic evolution. Fans eagerly anticipate future collaborations and individual projects from both SUGA and Halsey.