4 Zodiac signs who don’t like being told what to do

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There’s always that one person in the group who hates to be told what to do and what not. He or she is a self-sufficient and self-dependent being and the idea of being controlled triggers them immediately. While it’s not bad to hate the idea of being controlled, what is unacceptable is to be violent in return.

While some people would be gentle enough in showing people their place, others would be not so lowkey about it. In any case, if you, too, are someone who doesn’t like being told what to do, chances are you belong to the below-mentioned list of zodiac signs.

So, the next time you ask yourself what makes you hate the idea of being controlled, don’t hesitate in giving credit to astrology.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs who don’t like being told what to do.


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Leos are superior beings. Or, at least this is something that they would like to believe. Leos are born leaders and hence, the idea of being told what to do doesn’t sit well with them. Leos will snap back as soon as they are being directed into doing something. For them, it’s their way or the highway. Leos like to give instructions and training to people, and when the behavior reciprocates, they take it to their ego. If you don’t like chaos, you won’t dare to tell a Leo what and how to do certain things.


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While Pisces might not be the best at everything, they hate being told what to do. They believe in doing things their way or not at all. A Pisces would rather pass the job to someone else than be told how to do it. While they might not be vocal about disliking the idea, deep down it kills them. Hence, you would often find a Pisces minding their business and doing what they like.


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Scorpios, too, hate being controlled. They loathe even the idea of it. Scorpios would never listen to anything that according to their opinion is not deemed fit. A Scorpio would always listen to their heart and follow their gut instinct. So, the next time don’t waste your time explaining a Scorpio what to do unless you have lots of free time to kill or lots of energy to comprise your mental health.


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Virgos are absolutely supreme ego beings. Their egoistic behavior makes it difficult for them to being told what to do. They will rather do a thing completely wrong and unjust than listen to anybody else. While a Virgo might be good at heart, their actions always tell otherwise. Virgos would always be in control than to be controlled.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.