Barracuda Queens Season 2: Will there be another season?

Barracuda Queens season 2
credit: Netflix

Barracuda Queens is a newly released Netflix crime drama series, many people have started streaming it and many have already finished streaming the first season. This Netflix original is a Swedish series inspired by real-life events. The story times back in 1995, in  Djursholm where a group of five girls plan and commit burglary on the houses of their rich neighbors.

Sounds thrilling and suspenseful right? Then go stream the series now and for those who have already finished the first season and wondering will there be another season of Barracuda Queens? You need worry not, we are here with all the updates we know so far about Barracuda Queens and Season 2.

Barracuda Queens season 2 1
credit: Netflix

Is Barracuda Queen renewed for Season 2?

The season 1 of Barracuda Queen dropped on 5th June 2023, that is today and the show has not been renewed by Netflix. Well, that is not surprising. Series are not usually renewed immediately after the release of the first season. It is too soon to be expecting updates on the renewal of the show. It usually takes a month or two for the renewal of the series to be announced. The series is first observed that how people react to the show and how many people are streaming the show as soon as its release, which decides the renewal or the cancellation of the show.

The first season finale is pretty conclusive which gives it less chance to carry on the story forward. But we can always hope for the best and there might be equal chances of the series getting renewed as it is not labeled as limited series on Netflix.

This is all for now regarding Barracuda Queens Season 2. Till then lets us know more about Barracuda Queens Season 1.

Barracuda Queens season 2 2
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Barracuda Queens: Who is in the cast?

The cast includes Alva Bratt as Lollo Millkvist, Tindra Monsen as Klara Rapp, Sandra Strandberg Zubovic as Frida Rapp, Max Ulveson as Calle Millkvist, Izabella Scorupco as Marika Eiverts, Sarah Gustafsson as Amina Khalil, Gino Estera as Farshid Khalil, and more.

Barracuda Queens season 2 4

Barracuda Queens: What is the plot?The plot of the show is about a group of five privileged girls who plan a heist after being bored with their upper-class lives. They decide to rob the houses of their rich neighbors. The story takes place in a town, Djursholm in Stockholm. The plot of the series is based on real-life events which took place in Stockholm in 1995. The fact that something like this took place in real life makes the story interesting and eager to watch.

The story and screenplay of the series make it fascinating to watch. The 90s fashion, classic songs, vintage cars, everything is so perfectly dealt with in the story. It also shows the absence of technology and gadgets such as cell phones, and CCTV to find the culprits. Also, the story is about girls and is written by women which highlights the female point of view, such as female friendships, womanly desires, and happiness. The show has also very well portrayed the division among the cast and how people think differently about class divisions. Middle-class and lower-class people are thoroughly questioned while the rich were pre-assumed not to be doing such activities.

This is all about Barracuda Queens. Stay tuned for more updates on Barracuda Queens Season 2.