Halsey and BTS’ SUGA’s “Lilith” dominates global charts

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Halsey and SUGA’s collaborative track, “Lilith,” has achieved tremendous success, securing the top position on iTunes charts in over 65 countries, including Cambodia, Argentina, France, Brunei, Canada, Colombia, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more. The song, which serves as the theme for the highly anticipated game Diablo IV, has captivated audiences with its powerful lyrics and captivating music video.

Halsey and SUGA’s Vision for “Lilith”

Directed by Henry Hobson, the official music video for “Lilith” was released by Blizzard Entertainment, incorporating stunning visuals inspired by the Diablo IV universe. Filmed in various locations, including a Jesuit church in Cambrai, France adorned with Diablo IV-inspired designs on its roof, the video showcases Halsey and SUGA embodying the contrasting forces of heaven and hell. Halsey aimed to capture the fierce power of these realms through the song, with SUGA delivering an impressive rap verse that adds depth to the narrative. Halsey expressed her excitement for collaborating with SUGA on a dark mythological concept and hopes that “Lilith” resonates with both Diablo fans and their dedicated supporters.

SUGA’s Recent Solo and BTS Activities

SUGA, known as Agust D in his solo endeavors, has recently released his solo album, “D-DAY,” which has garnered notable success. The album made an impressive debut, ranking at No. 51 on the Billboard 200 chart for four consecutive weeks. Additionally, “D-DAY” secured high positions on various Billboard charts, including third on the World Album chart, eighth on the Top Current Album chart, ninth on the Top Album Sales chart, and thirteenth on the Top Rap Album chart.

Meanwhile, BTS members continue to engage in individual activities. Jimin’s first solo album, “FACE,” featuring the title track “Like Crazy,” achieved a peak position of No. 59 on the Top Album Sales chart and secured seventh place on the World Album chart, 38th on the Top Current Album chart, and 26th in the Global (excluding the US) chart. Moreover, BTS’s participation in the OST for an animated project titled “The Planet” earned them first place on the World Digital Song Sales chart, sixth place on the Digital Song Sales chart, and 37th place in the Global (excluding the US) chart.


Halsey and SUGA’s collaboration on “Lilith” has resonated strongly with audiences worldwide, earning top positions on iTunes charts across numerous countries. The captivating music video, inspired by Diablo IV, showcases the artistic vision of both artists. SUGA’s solo album “D-DAY” continues to excel on the Billboard charts, while BTS members’ individual activities contribute to their ongoing success and global recognition.