Outlander Season 7: Release date, production status, plot, cast, episode count and more

Outlander Season 7: Release date, production status, synopsis, cast, episode count and more
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Often touted as one of the most watched and popular fantasy series, Outlander has frequently appeared in Netflix’s top 10’s. A critically-acclaimed historical fiction starring Sam Heughan, the series is based on the titular book series by Diana Gabaldon.

Set in 1945, this historical drama is one of the most popular series that follows the life of a married combat nurse, Claire Randall, who finds herself transported back to 1743. The seventh season of Outlander is based on the seventh book in the series, An Echo in the Bone.

With that said, Outlander season seven is already on its way and guess what? You don’t have to wait longer to vicariously live through the adventures of the Fraser family. Expect more hurdles in their way, including the Revolutionary War that will indubitably catapult Claire and Jamie’s lives till time exists.

In season six, we found Claire in perilous circumstances, and that too all alone, since other members of the family includingJamie, Young Ian, Bree, Roger, Fergus and Marsali, had scattered across the land.

That being said, what will happen in Outlander season 7?

Here’s everything we know so far about the seventh season of the Starz Original. 

Outlander | Season 7 Official Trailer | STARZ

When can we expect to happen Outlander season 7 to premiere on Starz?

Outlander Season 7: Is it premiering in June 2023?

In March ’23, Starz confirmed that Outlander season 7 will premiere on the official networks on Friday, June 16. The network also confirmed that the seventh instalment will release in two parts, because *drum rolls please* it’s going to be twice the length of season six. Yes, you read it right, it’s going to be 16 episodes long.

As mentioned previously, the 16 episodes will split into two parts, with the second half of the season not premiering until 2024. 

Who are the cast members of Outlander season 7?

Outlander Season 7: Is it premiering in June 2023?
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Outlander season 7 will underscore events that went down in Diana Gabaldon’s sixth and seventh books of the titular novel series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and An Echo in the Bone. Based on the characters featured in these two books, we expect the following cast members to reprise their roles:

  • Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser
  • Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser
  •  Richard Rankin as Roger Mackenzie
  •  Sophie Skelton as Brianna Mackenzie

The long gap between seasons was presumably the hardest on Heughan since Fraser had to stay in shape all this time. Fortunately, it seems like he did, since he said:

“I think it’s fair to say that I can’t really stop training, I just enjoy it. Before I was more into endurance sports, I did marathons, triathlons, but Outlander really got me interested in more gym-based workouts — cross-fit and free weights. I really enjoy it,” he said.

“The first conversation I had with the trainer at the start of the series was that Jamie’s obviously not in the gym. He’s a farmer and he’s a warrior, so that’s the type of body we tried to build for Jamie when he was younger.

“So there were a lot of compound lifts to strengthen and conditioning, but mostly upper body, back and shoulders. It certainly wasn’t about getting a six-pack, fortunately for me, so I didn’t have to worry about that too much.

“He’s a very capable man, therefore we had to build a body that reflected that according to the time.”(via Esquire).

Outlander Season 7: Has the trailer dropped for the new season?
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Not only that, but we also expect to see some of the fan-favorite faces return, including:

  • John Bell as Young Ian
  • Lauren Lyle as Marsali
  • Cesar Domboy as Fergus
  • Caitlin O’Ryan as Lizzie
  • David Berry as Lord John

The list is not over yet, because Digital Spy confirms the arrival of some newer cast members who would continue their character storylines including:

  • Alexander Vlahos as Allan Christie
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie
  • Brennan Martin as Wendigo Donner
  • Chris Larkin as Richard Brown
  • Paul Gorman as Josiah and Keziah Beardsley

In addition to the above-mentioned list of cast members, one of the prominent characters from Outlander season three is also all set for making a comeback in the upcoming season. Any guess?

It’s Jenny Murrah.

Outlander Series finale Season: What do we know about it?
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Laura Donnelly played Jenny Murray in previous seasons, however, in the upcoming season, the character will be donned by Kristin Atherton, owing to scheduling conflicts that led to Donnelly’s absence. 

Other former characters confirmed to reprise their respective roles in the upcoming installment include:

  • Geillis Duncan as Lotte Verbeek
  • Brian Fraser as Andrew Whipp
  • Dougal MacKenzie as Graham McTavish
  • Ian Murray as Steven Cree
  • Joan MacKimmie as Layla Burns
  • Laoghaire Fraser as Nell Hudson

Although some of these characters were previously killed off on the show, showrunner Matthew B Roberts hinted at their arrival, saying:

“One of the many joys of our epic story is the element of time travel, which allows us to revisit some of our favorite characters in different times and places, and we’re thrilled to welcome back so many familiar faces for season seven,” he said (via TVLine).

Outlander season 7 will also feature some brand new faces including:

  • loria Obianyo as Mercy Woodcock 
  • Rod Hallett as Benedict Arnold
  • Chris Fulton as Rob Cameron.

Speaking to Digital Spy in July 2022, Alex Vlahos hinted at his return to the series and what it implies. He explained:

“For Tom and Allan, it surely can’t be over. So I will say, you know, Allan’s journey on that — there’s so much more that we shot that didn’t even make it into the show, which is a shame. The Christies’ journey isn’t over.

“He’s a puppet master. He might look dim or quite simple when people meet him, but I think he’s malicious. He’s a puppet master.”

In May 2022, a new cast member was announced to be joining the team of Outlander season 7. Charles Vandervaart who will play William Ransom, Jamie Fraser’s secret son. 

What can we expect to happen in Outlander season 7?

Outlander Season 7: Starz officially confirms the release date, episode titles, and plot, among other details

The cliffhangers of Outlander season 6 that left the viewers confounded about the future will now culminate in season 7 to reveal the most intriguing plot arcs. In season six, Claire is found imprisoned in Wilmington. Presumably, she might be put on trial for the murder of Tom Christie’s daughter, Malva. If she is proven guilty, she might even be hanged. Does Claire’s fate end with season 7? Only season 7 can tell. 

Meanwhile, Jamie was rescued from the cuffs of Richard Brown’s Committee of Safety. Accompanied by Young Ian and John Quincy Myers, Jamie is on the journey to rescue Claire. Another prison break would be quite idiosyncratic of the couple. 

The seventh season will also possibly delve into the mystery of the real murderer and the implications of Wendigo Donner’s reappearance for the Fraser family. 

Season six finale teased the growing chaos in the nation; season seven will possibly feature its culmination in the Revolutionary War (the American War of Independence). 

Diana Gabaldon’s seventh book is temporally set from 1776 to 1778. Historically speaking, the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, while the war raged till 1783. 

Will there be Outlander season 8?

Outlander Season 7: Starz officially confirms the release date, episode titles, and plot, among other details
Credit: Starz

It seems like all prayers have been answered because Outlander has been renewed for season eight. This means there’s more to Jamie and Claire’s love story. Maybe this also implies that Claire’s fate won’t end with season 7 as we questioned earlier. However, this news does not come without some bad news. Season eight will seal the fate of the show. 

Kathryn Busby, president of original programming for Starz said, “For nearly a decade Outlander has won the hearts of audiences worldwide and we’re pleased to bring Claire and Jamie’s epic love story to a proper conclusion.

“But before we close this chapter, there is plenty of their passionate story to tell over the course of 26 episodes and even more to explore this dynamic world and its origin story.”