5 Most anticipated upcoming shows on Netflix

all the light
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Traversing through Netflix’s large lineup of TV shows can indeed be an intimidating task, given the number of titles in development at any given time. Thankfully, IMDb’s MOVIEmeter offers valuable understanding into the most highly awaited Netflix Original series, serving as a helpful guide to what viewers are eagerly looking forward to in the coming months and years.

Every Monday, IMDb refreshes its list of the hottest titles, drawing from its large database and incorporating data from the site’s massive traffic of over half a billion monthly visits. This constant inflow of user engagement enables IMDb to measure the pulse of the audience and identify the Netflix Original series that are creating the most buzz.

By leveraging this dynamic and up-to-date resource, viewers can stay informed about the most anticipated shows on Netflix, ensuring they don’t miss out on the exciting series that capture the attention and interest of audiences worldwide. With IMDb’s MOVIEmeter as a reliable guide, discovering the next binge-worthy Netflix Original has never been easier.

1. One piece:

One Piece: Set Sneak Peek | First Look | Netflix Geeked Week

One Piece, a renowned Japanese manga with a remarkable 25-year publication history and over 1,060 chapters, holds a special place in the hearts of fans around the world. Its stretched-out narrative and enthralling characters have made it one of the most beloved fictional franchises to emerge from Japan. As evidence of its lasting popularity, Netflix has embarked on an ambitious venture to bring this beloved series to life in a live-action adaptation, marking a significant milestone for the streaming platform.

2. Our Planet 2:

OUR PLANET II | Official Trailer | Netflix

Silverback Films made a permanent mark on the world four years ago with the release of the groundbreaking Our Planet series. Now, in a historic return, the legendary Sir David Attenborough lends his iconic voice to what might be considered one of the final docuseries of his illustrious and awe-inspiring career.

The announcement of Attenborough’s involvement in this upcoming project has generated immense excitement and anticipation among viewers worldwide. With his unparalleled expertise and distinctive narration style, Attenborough has long been a beacon of inspiration, enlightening audiences with his profound understanding of the natural world. As he takes on this new venture, it is both a testimony to his persisting dedication and a touching reminder that we may be witnessing one of the last opportunities to experience his unparalleled storytelling firsthand.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Netflix’s Avatar Live Action Official Reveal Date

With a passionate fan base that holds Avatar: The Last Airbender in high regard, the stakes are beyond question high for Netflix as they venture into the realm of a live-action adaptation. The immense pressure to deliver a faithful and exceptional rendition of this beloved series looms large. Anticipation for this highly awaited Netflix title in 2023 has reached unparalleled levels, as fans eagerly hope that this adaptation will serve as a compensative endeavor, helping to restore Netflix’s reputation after recent adaptations fell short of expectations.

4. The Three-Body Problem:

three body
Credits: IMDB

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, once praised for their work on Game of Thrones, faced notable backlash due to the estranging final season of the acclaimed series. The fallout from that conclusion left their reputation tarnished, leaving many questioning their creative prowess. However, the duo has now embarked on a new chapter, seeking redemption and a chance to showcase their talents outside the realm of Westeros.

In a bold move, Benioff and Weiss have turned their attention to the adaptation of The Three Body Problem, a highly regarded novel by celebrated Chinese author Liu Cixin. This venture not only demonstrates their desire to explore diverse storytelling but also offers an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves and rebuild their standing in the industry.

5. All the Light We Cannot See:

All the Light We Cannot See | Official Teaser | Netflix

Shawn Levy, a creative producer renowned for his work on Netflix hits like Stranger Things and The Adam Project is set to embark on an exciting new venture. Breaking new ground, Levy will dive into the thundering era of World War II, exploring a touching tale that unfolds against the backdrop of this global conflict.

At the heart of this captivating narrative are two individuals whose lives cross each other in occupied France: Marie-Laure, a courageous blind teenager hailing from France, and Werner, a German soldier grappling with his own struggles. As the war ravages their surroundings and threatens their very existence, Marie-Laure and Werner must navigate treacherous paths, each striving to endure the hardships and uncertainty that accompany this harrowing chapter in history.