Here’s how BTS has invited the army to celebrate their 10th Debut Anniversary

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BTS has recently released a thrilling trailer for their upcoming 10th debut anniversary celebration. The trailer reveals that the event will take place at Yeouido Hangang Park, offering fans an opportunity to commemorate the group’s remarkable presence in the music industry over the past decade. Additionally, it provides further insights into the BTS Presents Everywhere project, which is set to be a part of the celebration.

BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA at Yeouido

The dynamic trailer kicks off with a lively background track, showcasing visuals that transition from a cluster of presents to sweeping views of Seoul, culminating in a building reflecting the group’s iconic symbol – a purple whale. The scene then transitions to an envelope sliding into a letter, adorned with the BTS ARMY symbol, before shifting to an ‘ON AIR’ sign above a radio setup. Finally, the trailer unveils an elaborate setting featuring a mountain of gift boxes, tied with an ARMY ribbon and topped with the BTS symbol, which erupts into a joyous firework formation of the number 10. This final scene represents the exciting experiences that await fans on June 17 at Yeouido Hangang Park in Seoul, South Korea. The trailer serves as an invitation to the BTS fandom, promising a day filled with BTS performances, shared moments with fellow ARMYs, and the possibility of a magnificent fireworks display. These events align with the plans previously hinted at in the 2023 BTS FESTA timeline.

BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA @ 여의도(Yeouido) Official Trailer

2023 BTS FESTA and Take Two

As BTS gears up for its momentous 10th debut anniversary on June 13, they have already unveiled numerous exciting plans, including the BTS Presents Everywhere project. Running from June 12 to June 25, this project will drench the city of Seoul in the group’s signature purple color. The trailer specifically highlights Yeouido as one of the locations for this celebration.

In addition, BTS has announced the release of a new single titled ‘Take Two’ on June 9, further intensifying the anticipation among fans. Furthermore, fans can look forward to member Jin’s episode on SUGA’s drinking talk show ‘Suchwita,’ set to be released on June 10. These thrilling events add to the excitement surrounding BTS’s 10th debut anniversary and promise a memorable celebration for ARMYs worldwide