BTS’ Jimin reveals hidden track from his first solo album FACE

BTS's Jimin got trolled after posting a teary Insta reel!
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On June 7, BIGHIT MUSIC treated fans with a special live clip of BTS’ Jimin singing his hidden gem, “Letter,” as a gift to ARMYs ahead of their upcoming 10th debut anniversary celebration. Jimin’s captivating vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and the enchanting visuals created a beautiful atmosphere, leaving fans in awe. This release is part of BTS FESTA, an annual celebration where BTS and ARMYs come together to commemorate the previous years and look forward to the future with a range of exciting content.

Jimin’s Remarkable Achievements

Recently, Billboard charts announced Jimin’s impressive accomplishments. On June 6, his solo title track, “Like Crazy,” from his first solo album ‘FACE,’ released in March, topped the Billboard charts. The song charted for ten consecutive weeks, reaching the 66th position on the Global 200 and 45th position on the Global chart (excluding the US). Jimin’s collaboration on the film soundtrack for “Fast X, Angel Pt. 1” (Feat. Jimin of BTS, JVKE, and Muni Long) secured the seventh spot on Rap Digital Song Sales, 31st on R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales, and 31st on the Global chart (excluding the US). Additionally, BTS ranked 45th on the Global 200.

지민 (Jimin) '편지 (Dear. ARMY)' Live Clip #2023BTSFESTA

BTS FESTA Highlights

A 20-second video titled “BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA @ Yeouido” was shared on social media, providing a glimpse of what fans can expect during the festival. The video begins with a gift box, followed by whimsical purple whales swimming freely across the skies of Seoul. ARMYs receive a special invitation, ON AIR lights illuminate, BTS’s official logo bursts onto the screen, and fireworks mark the grand celebration of their 10th anniversary. The presence of the whale character in the video caught particular attention, as it holds significant symbolism for BTS. The whale has been referenced in the BTS discography, most notably in the song “Whalien 52” from their fourth mini-album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2,’ released in November 2015.


BTS’ Jimin’s soul-stirring performance of “Letter” served as a heartfelt gift to ARMYs, setting the stage for the upcoming 10th debut anniversary celebrations. With his recent achievements on the Billboard charts, Jimin continues to showcase his musical prowess and solidify his place as a remarkable artist. As BTS FESTA unfolds, fans can look forward to exciting content and surprises that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. The symbolism of the whale in the festival’s teaser video adds an extra layer of meaning, connecting BTS’s journey and their music to a loyal and dedicated fan base. With anticipation building, ARMYs are ready to join BTS in celebrating a decade of remarkable achievements and heartfelt music.