Silo Season 1 Episode 7: Who are The Flamekeepers?

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Who wouldn’t love a grimdark television show that has been adapted from a book series? Crafted into perfection by Graham Yost, ‘Silo’ has been drawing a lot of bittersweet attention from its audience. 

The show revolves around Silo, a vast subterranean structure where humanity’s vestiges thrive. The outside world is a deadly wilderness populated with zombies, and the Silo’s residents think that the rigorous rules imposed within its walls are protecting them from the perils that await them outside. Rebecca Ferguson, who also acts as an executive producer, co-stars with Iain Glen and Will Patton in the series.

The show delves into the life of the residents as they face obstacles and hurdles within the silo. The key genres of this series being sci-fi and drama, it promises to engage the audience with remarkable content. 

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Who are The FlameKeepers?

The Flamekeepers are those in charge of relics who desire to recall the past. But the Silo officials have been infusing some substance in the water to make their memories disappear. They don’t want anyone recalling any event before the Silo. The whole “birth control pill removal” act was a second attempt to prevent the Flamekeepers from bearing children so that they might terminate their generation. Gloria presented this magazine to George’s mother, Ann. To the audience’s dismay, he is no longer alive. So there’s no way of knowing what he knew. Gloria also adds that George’s mother knew Juliette’s mother before Juliette committed suicide. This has taken a toll on Juliette’s tolerance, thus she lashes out at her father for what he has done. Sims notices her accompanying Gloria to the latter’s flat. Juliette realizes that the mirrors are being used to conceal the cameras, which spy on all of them. Holston sent her a letter advising her to put flowers in front of the mirror. The vision would be obstructed in this manner.

The flowers are then placed in front of the mirror in Gloria’s flat, too. Episode 7 concludes with Sims dispatching guards to Gloria’s flat while Juliette extracts George’s hard drive from a vent. As a result, Juliette Nichols is the final FlameKeeper for the time being. Juliette may have discovered the fact that someone has been following her. Although she isn’t aware of her stalker, the audience knows about Simms and he’ll go to any length to figure out what Juliette discovered in Gloria’s chamber. Juliette will most likely take the hard disc to Martha to be repaired. Juliette may find the answers she seeks on the hard drive.

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According to the audience, one of the most charming things about this show is that the narrative delves into topics such as domination, fraud, sustenance, and the human quest for liberty and knowledge. It questions the essence of truth, the repercussions of mindless obedience, and the extent to which people will go to defend their way of life. Throughout the course of the series, the protagonists engage on a voyage of finding their true selves and resistance as they dig to find what’s really happening in Silo and eventually decide the fate of mankind in a world riddled with secrets and peril.

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Silo Season 1 Episode 7 RecapGloria Hildebrandt is the name of this character, and audiences are shown her thoughts and visions in the initial scene. Gloria thinks about the sandy beach depicted in George’s magazine relic.

Gloria is heavily drugged when she awakens from her dream, having missed a dosage.

Juliette discovers Gloria’s name printed beside George’s and an additional character named Anne inside his magazine. She then discovers Gloria’s file, which is linked to George’s.

Juliette investigates this woman while she was at work. Sims and his colleagues are constantly monitoring Juliette’s activities on their various displays.

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Silo Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date 

Episode 7, The Flamekeepers, was released today, June 9, 2023.

Silo Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with Jules recalling her personal interactions with George when she and the constable are at Douglas Trumbull, the man responsible for Marnes’ killing and the man Simms murdered in the earlier episode. When the locksmith is unable to enter the flat, Jules cracks a crib just to learn that Judicial has turned off the unit’s electricity, breaking their own restrictions. While searching the house for information, Deputy Billings comes across an odd artifact. We see that the artifact is the identical one that George had handed to Jules when he discovered it in the tunnels. There remains a question whether or not she placed it in the house with the intention of getting a file to reopen. 

Where to watch Silo?

You can watch Silo Season 1 on Apple TV+.