4 Zodiac signs that don’t care about looks

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Not everyone judges you by your looks. While it might sound absurd since the first thing we notice about people is how they look, there are people for whom looks come second or don’t matter at all.

It’s the person’s behavior, body language, and attitude that do the talking for them. And even if you are the best-looking person in the world but with an attitude that might put off people, for some, you might be the most unattractive person in the world.

So, here is the list of four zodiac signs who don’t care about looks at all, as per astrology.


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While Leos are the most charming of the lot, for them, looks don’t matter at all. All they see in a person is their heart. For them, being generous, considerate, and emotional tops the list. If you are good at heart, you have already stolen Leo’s heart. While it might sound old-school to many, the truth is that Leos are among those people who judge people by their behavior and not looks. So, if you are a kind soul, who is in love with a Leo, and are worried about your looks, don’t think twice before confessing your love. Because Leos don’t care about looks at all, and who knows, you might even stand a chance?


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An Aquarius is somebody who wants an understanding partner. So, even if you might not be the best-looking person, your understanding nature is more than enough to woo an Aquarius. Aquarians are firm believers in ‘Don’t judge a book by it cover,’ and they don’t care about looks at all. Kindness coupled with a comprising attitude is what an Aquarius always search for.


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Virgos don’t believe in looks. For them, beauty is personality and confidence. Virgos have a strong liking towards confident people who know what they want in life. Somebody who is bold enough to voice their opinion and doesn’t shy away from speaking their heart out in a room full of people strongly attracts Virgos. So, if your confidence is your best quality, you may be a good fit to be around Virgos.


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A Scorpio likes goal-oriented people. If you don’t have a goal in life, your beauty doesn’t count in the eyes of a Scorpio. Scorpios always emit positive and strong energies, and they love similar people around them. People who have an aim in life tend to emit similar if not the same, energies, and this is why Scorpios are usually attracted to them. Ambitions topped with a go-getter attitude can woo a Scorpio easily. A pro tip. Never be any less passionate about your goals in front of a Scorpio because it is exactly what puts them off.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.