BTS members share their feelings regarding the release of ‘Take Two’

Credit: Twitter

Following the release of their celebratory single “Take Two” on June 9, in line with their upcoming 10th debut anniversary, BTS received an overwhelming response from their devoted fanbase, the BTS ARMY. Fans had eagerly awaited new music from the group and showed immense enthusiasm upon its release. The song quickly started climbing the ranks on domestic and international music charts, once again highlighting the global influence of BTS.

BTS Members React to the Release

Leader RM, known for his exceptional lyricism, took pride in his contribution by sharing a screenshot of the song’s cover and playfully commented, “did the lyrics,” accompanied by a tongue-out emoji. Member SUGA kept his response simple, posting a similar photo of the song he was listening to, “Take Two,” and adding a symbolic purple heart emoji. V, in his Instagram story, quoted a lyric from the song, expressing his desire for happiness in the future: “부디 앞으로도 행복합시다,” which translates to “Let’s all be happy in the future too.” Jimin not only promoted the song on his Instagram but also reached out to fans on Weverse, urging them to listen to it repeatedly.

Jin and J-Hope Show Support

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, made a brief appearance on Weverse and commented on Jimin’s post, praising their collective talent by saying, “As expected [of] BTS.” J-Hope, who is currently serving in the military, conveyed his support by reacting to the song with purple heart and salute emojis, demonstrating his dedication despite his absence.

Jungkook Shares Excitement and Asks for Support

Jungkook initially agreed with Jin’s comment on Jimin’s post by responding with a simple “Yes” in Korean. However, he soon penned a lengthier message, mentioning his recent Super dance challenge with SEVENTEEN member Mingyu, who is also his friend. Alongside the challenge reference, he requested fans’ support for “Take Two” and expressed his love for them. Jungkook added, “I see you’ve uploaded the challenge hahaha Mingyu hoobae-nim (junior) it was fun 🙂 And please give lots of love to Take Two… I love you… I’m listening to it after a long time… wow, when was that recorded heh. heh.”

2023 BTS FESTA Celebrates 10th Debut Anniversary

To commemorate their 10th debut anniversary, BTS is planning an onsite event in Yeouido, bringing fans from around the world together. The event, known as the 2023 BTS FESTA, aims to celebrate the significant milestone and create lasting memories for both the group and their devoted fanbase.