Emily in Paris Season 4: Is the new season delayed?

Emily in Paris Season 4
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It seems like things aren’t going great for Emily. No, we aren’t talking about the relationship between Emily and Gabriel but Emily in Paris in general. Those who know, know that Season 3 ending gave a major shock to the viewers with Gabriel revealing Camille’s pregnancy. And since then, all one wants to know is how, when, why, and who Gabriel will end with. Because no matter how cute Camille is, the fans can only imagine Emily and Gabriel together.

While fans want to know when Emily in Paris Season 4 is dropping on Netflix to answer their major queries, disappointment is waiting at their doorsteps. Why, you ask? Emily in Paris Season 4 might be facing delays.

Emily in Paris Season 4 Predictions: Lily Collins shares what to expect in the new season

Is Emily in Paris Season 4 delayed?

Yes. According to Variety, production for Emily in Paris Season 4 will be delayed for a period of two months due to the impending WGA strike. Emily in Paris fans may have to wait a bit longer for her next trip to Paris. The Netflix rom-com is one of the many series impacted by the WGA strike. Emily in Paris was ordered for two seasons at the start of 2022, although Season 4 is expected to appear later than normal, featuring even more of Emily Cooper’s Paris escapades.

Netflix did not respond to requests for comment. Some sources say that filming will still begin before the end of the autumn.

The first season debuted in October 2020, having the second and third seasons right behind it, around the last month of 2021 and 2022 accordingly. Given this trend, Netflix may decide to broadcast its fourth part around the holidays in 2023. However, delays in production owing to the writers’ strike may cause the debut to be pushed back. The date of release will be determined by the production schedule, and if the fourth season doesn’t begin filming until the latter part of 2023, or maybe even later, we won’t see new episodes until spring 2024.

Emily in Paris 3
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Emily in Paris Season 3 recap: Where we left it off?

The first half of Season 3 was mostly on Emily’s work life, including an abundance of workplace shenanigans, eventually culminating in her job’s termination. After Savoir’s parent business shut down its activities in France, Emily’s employer Madeline returned to Chicago, but Emily stayed in Paris and finally landed a position back with Sylvie’s new firm.

Emily, along with her partner, Alfie, were having a lovely time together, while Gabriel and Camille were having some problems in paradise. We are aware that the other person was having an affair. However, the chef and his longstanding artist girlfriend finally get engaged, only for the wedding ceremony to go disastrously wrong, with Gabriel discovering Emily made a pledge to never pursue him any more out of regard for Camille. This announcement also destroyed Alfie and Emily’s relationship.

The episode closed with Gabriel admitting that Camille was pregnant at the time of the engagement.

Emily in Paris 2
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What we know about Emily in Paris Season 4’s cast

Lucien Laviscount was elevated to series regular in the third season, while the remainder of the major actors from the first and following seasons returned. Season three included new reoccurring along with supporting actors that will return in season four. Mindy’s new love interest, Nicolas de Léon, is played by Paul Forman, while Camille’s love interest, Sofia, is played by Melia Kreiling. Kevin Dias reprises his role as Benoît, while Kate Walsh returns as Emily’s American employer Madeline Wheeler. Walsh’s arc concluded in season 3, although she might always resurface to shovel a bit of discord. Considering the cast would stay essentially unchanged from the previous season, below is Emily in Paris’ current primary cast.

  • Emily Cooper: Lily Collins
  • Sylvie: Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
  • Gabriel: Lucas Bravo
  • Mindy Chen: Ashley Park
  • Julien: Samuel Arnold
  • Antoine Lambert: William Abadie
  • Luc: Bruno Gouery
  • Camille: Camille Razat
  • Alfie: Lucien Laviscount

Emily in Paris Season 4 Predictions: Lily Collins shares what to expect in the new season

What can we expect from Emily in Paris Season 4?

Camille abandons Gabriel on the altar in the very last scenes of Season 3 and reveals the bargain they and Emily made. Emily and Gabriel’s affections for one another, which they have been ignoring, are suddenly exposed. Alfie also abandons Emily, refusing to serve as her second option. After the wedding, Emily and Gabriel engage in an open discussion about their emotions for each other, and Gabriel drops the news that Camille is expecting a baby. Season 4 of Emily in Paris will undoubtedly handle the problems that develop as a result of the more intricate relationships involving Emily, Gabriel, and Camille.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I watch Emily in Paris Season 3?

You can watch all three seasons of Emily in Paris on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in Emily in Paris Season 3?

Emily in Paris Season 3 consists of 10 Episodes, just like Seasons 2 and 1.

Will there be season 4 of Emily in Paris?

Yes. The renewal of Emily in Paris Season 4 was officially confirmed by Lily Collins back in January 2022 via an Instagram post.