Here’s how BTS’ Jungkook gave a shoutout to SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

BTS’ Jungkook becomes a handsome vampire in the latest pictorial project
Credits: Instagram

BTS member Jungkook and SEVENTEEN member Mingyu have maintained a close friendship throughout their years in the music industry. Both born in 1997, they have shown mutual admiration for each other’s music and have spoken highly of their respective groups. It was previously revealed that they shared a chat room with other ’97 liners, further strengthening their bond.

Surprise Super Dance Challenge Collaboration

On June 9, fans of BTS and SEVENTEEN were pleasantly surprised when the official Instagram and TikTok accounts of the F*ck My Life singers featured a Super dance challenge video with Jungkook and Mingyu. In the video, Mingyu respectfully bowed 90 degrees to his sunbaenim (senior), expressing his regret for not contacting him sooner and eagerly anticipating Jungkook’s performance. Jungkook, in response, tried to play the role of a strict senior, affirming his commitment to do his best. Fans found their interaction and attempt to pretend to have a strictly senior-junior relationship amusing and couldn’t help but laugh.

Jungkook’s Appreciation for SEVENTEEN’s “Super”

Jungkook first mentioned SEVENTEEN’s latest lead single, “Super,” during a late-night live session. He revealed that he learned the choreography from Jun, a member of SEVENTEEN’s performance team, while working out in their company’s gym. Jungkook even sang a live cover of the song and gave a shoutout to SEVENTEEN members, including his friends Mingyu, Myungho (THE8), and fellow ’98 liner Seungkwan. He praised the song and playfully did a dance cover, albeit without another SEVENTEEN member present beside him. During this time, Jungkook also teased Mingyu about the latter’s request for a dance challenge, teasingly declining it.

Continued Banter and Collaboration

In a later broadcast, Jungkook mentioned the Super dance challenge once again, jokingly poking fun at his friend Mingyu. He mentioned that Mingyu frequently talked about wanting to shoot together but never followed through with it. Despite the bickering and playful teasing, fans were delighted when the two finally collaborated on the dance challenge, showcasing their friendship and talents.

Jungkook and Mingyu’s Super dance challenge collaboration not only delighted fans of BTS and SEVENTEEN but also highlighted the genuine bond and camaraderie between the two artists. Their playful banter and mutual support continue to strengthen their friendship, bringing joy to both their respective fandoms.