BTS’ V REVEALS many things in his debut solo fan meeting

Credit: Instagram

On June 11, BTS member V held his first-ever solo fan meeting in South Korea, specifically arranged for his Indonesian BTS ARMY. Fans from Indonesia traveled to attend the event, which was organized as part of a promotional campaign by the investment platform, SimInvest, for which V is a brand ambassador. V showcased a new look with his blonde hair, dressed in a blazer and trousers, captivating the attendees with his presence.

Highlights of V’s Interaction with Fans

During the fan meeting, V had the opportunity to interact directly with his fans, expressing his happiness at meeting them up close. Despite appearing shy, he engaged with his fans in a Q&A session, revealing his childhood dream of becoming a singer and his personal involvement in creating an ad for the brand he represents, which he also directed. V expressed his longing to see his BTS members, shared insights about his upcoming solo album, and discussed his inspirations and emotional experiences while on tour.

Fans’ Reactions and Support

Fans were in awe of V’s visuals and star power, enthusiastically chanting his name and showing unwavering support. The event allowed fans to witness V’s calm and genuine demeanor, further strengthening their admiration for him. Attendees expressed their excitement and appreciation for the opportunity to attend V’s first solo fan meeting.

V’s Insights on His Solo Album and Inspirations

During the fan meeting, V discussed his upcoming solo album, which reportedly involved overseas visits for its creation. He shared that the album draws inspiration from seasons, particularly winter, which holds significance as it coincides with his birthday. V also highlighted how his emotions during BTS tours greatly influenced his songwriting process. Throughout the event, V expressed his gratitude to the fans and interacted with his signature “Tata mic face,” leaving a lasting impression on those in attendance.